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Type the text for '"Health as the Middle Path and the Middle Path to Health"'
Type the text for '"Incorporating Fermentation into Daily Life as a Way towards Environmental Sustainability"'
Type the text for '"The Electromagnetic Structure of Gas"'
"Gezelligheid" is a very Dutch word describing the ability to feel together in yourself while being together with others.
It implies a feeling of confidence, trust, openness and oneness.
It is the realisation that all is/are as it can be, could be, would be, should be.
With the realisation that if anything changes, that, is wonderful too.

"Gezelligheid" is the social equivalent of Harmony in Symphony in music.
The wide range and scopes of notes developing a melody of a song.
The immense variety of interplay of notes by instruments playing together.
The huge discovery of new idea(l)s by people with open minds being together.

It is all about Interest; being invested in involvement; being part of a larger whole.
It is the ability to stand ones own ground and reach out to embrace (the idea(l)s of) others.
It is the realisation that we are all cells in  the body of humanity - our larges being.
That means that what is true for us, complements and completes the realisation of others, and vice versa.

The first Science of Life Conference 2020 in Basel (Switzerland) is about bridging disciplines in science.
It understands Science as an Art, and the Conference as a Composition.
Like players in a music ensemble, all participants offer different pieces of same puzzle.
These pieces can best be put together by putting them clearly on the table (the pre-conference process), and see their pattern (the Festschrift process) to make it possible that during the conference the participants can meet up, connect, open up and integrate their findings .

This requires a setting of confidence, trust, interest and willingness to share.
*Some conferences are 'competitive'; this one is ''supportive''.
*Some conferences are about presenting ideas, this one is about ''absorbing ideals''.
*Some conferences present individual papers; this one produces ''collaboration '[[Festschrifts]]'''.
*Some conferences are only about Facts, this one is also about ''Feelings''.

More interviews were possible in the past days, with more interconnecting insights.
Three participants added another, more detailed, description of their experience.
Remarkable was that two, each in their own words, said the same; learning requires feeling safe.
This is traditionally called trust, or self-confidence, or integrity in identity; a good 'immune system'.

GUUSJE ROOZEMOND has been researching and interfacing with consciousness for a long time.
In the past she headed a consciousness research centre, bringing together many researchers over many years.
Since she headed a therapy centre using neuro-feedback with a corresponding research centre.
There, it became evident that people become more "conscious" if they eliminate 'mental blockages'.


HISAKO KOIZUMI addresses the topic of the importance of microbes in (our) life.
In Japan, the wide variety of fermented food shows the link of microbes in our lives. 
It is by now common knowledge how important the microbes in the gut are for our lives.
Yet there is good reason to study how our being depends on microbes: 'they are not the enemy'.


TETSUNORI KOIZUMI speaks about the qualities of Ethics and Integrity.
Ethics is a quality by which an activity is beneficiary for 'all people'.
Integrity means that the sequence of consequences of an action begets no damage.
In the Buddhist life style these are traditional social values.


REIJK NILSON has a strange story to tell about a near-complete body-mind reset.
In reconnecting to his ancestral (Lappi) roots he did not know he was to connect to their culture.
Unexpected also was that other conscious beings were connecting up from him from within.
Since, he has 'inner voices' which help him heal people - only if he acts in integrity with truth.


WALTRAUD BOXALL added a conversation on the need for feeling safe in learning in school.
Only then is it possible to (learn to) reflect on contrary/toxic/unknown idea(l)s (of others).
This is equally applicable to the exploration of new thoughts in the mind of scientists.
But also required to correct the lack of integrity (psychopaths') for which we now need whistle blowers.


JOHN WOOD added the perspective that learning often also means learning Languaging.
In interacting with the unknown new words are needed; in interacting with strangers ... new meaning.
Humans create tools for interfacing with Earth; and Language for interfacing with each other.
People design language, this includes mathematics and languages such as dance/music notation.


SASKIA BOSMAN added insight into the mysterious nature of DNA.
Essentially is is a coiled-coiled-coiled (super?) conductor; an antenna.
It responds to light, electromagnetism, and sound (thus: vibrations).
After shining a laser light on it, a scintillogram image remains after the DNA is removed.


O#o added 5 recordings to his 'portfolio' recorded from alpha consciousness state.
First a brief general introduction to discovering the foundation of the Science of Life.
Then: the Logic of Boundary (transition), Cell Replication, and Freedom of Choice.
Plus a general introduction how Tetryonics helps formulate Freedom of Choice.


Feel well,


2020 Science of Life Conference, Basel
Organiser: SIG (Foundation for Integral Health Care)

THIS coming weekend the 1st Science of Life conference takes place: 1&2 Aug Basel (Im Surinam 4).
Herewith ... the Sign-up link for coordinating the Science of Life conference presentations.
Please click on the link and sign up your name in the 'track' of your choice (5 options).
Select the time which suits you best; please give priority to participants from other time zones.


The conference takes place via ZOOM, as most of you stay at home.
This still gives us full opportunity to meet up, and to get to know each other.
The aim of the conference is that we can help each other develop the Science of Life.
In that sense, this conference is a first contact for possible ongoing future collaboration (a "Club"...).


The above LINK gives you access to the full program of the Science of Life conference.
As you can see, the meeting is scheduled to start Saturday with a brief introduction to the conference.
Followed by an hour in which you can (very briefly) say what you wish this conference to be.
Then, the conferencing starts, with 1) individual, 2) group and 3) plenary meetings.

In this conference subjective/objective descriptive/experiential science/being come together.
There are scientists, artists, mediators and mystics, and you can choose what you'd be, even all or none.
The Zoom conference has 1 Main Room, and 4 Theme rooms; you choose where you go.
With the provided "Sign-up form" you can decide whom you'd like to meet up with, when and where:


I know not all of you can participate this/all weekend.
Some might not want to be 'looking at a pc screen' al weekend (use a mobile phone? Hook up to your TV?)
Peter Marcer already suggested we could spread the conference over different weekends; i like that.

This conference is not only spread out in space, it can also be spread out in time.
If you cannot participate this weekend, you can record your presentation and send it in.
You, and all others, can listen to all presentations of all others; all conversations are recorded.
While you choose to participate in a group conversation you do not miss out;
<>All is recorded and you can listen back later,
<>You can contact other participants later,
<>You can set up follow-up meetings later - please record those too and 'send them in'!
<>We can opt to have regular (2-monthly) brief ZOOM meet'ups...

Did you sign up?
Please do it now.
Thank you.

If the link does not work for you (try it first) then send me an email with your preference:
1) Saturday OR Sunday
2.0) Plenary Program
2.1) Science Symposium
2.2) Art Ambiance
2.3) Development Design
2.4) Mystical Medical

Remember, this Cosy Conference is Formally Informal.
You present Your Presentation, which make this Your Conference.
Shape it as you ideally want to experience and remember it.
This meeting is meant to meet each other and together initiate/create/design/be Science of Life.

Feel well,


2020 Science of Life Conference, Basel
Organiser: SIG (Foundation for Integral Health Care)

This week further interviews were possible, with fascinating stories.
It is remarkable how again and again the stories complement each other.
And also, how every story invites deeper layer follow-up stories.
This will probably unfold even more in/by/during the conference itself.

RAFAEL ALMOGUERA tells how discovering Freedom of Choice changed his life.
He noted how our society has become increasingly more mechanised/mechanical.
While children show so clearly that liveliness and vitality is the nature of life.
Our technology might better be focused of promoting Freedom of Choice instead of reducing our options.


CEES KAMP discovered the vitality of water in an Ural river in Russia.
Since, he was able to produce such water by adding a spiral shell to a tap.
The result is that coffee/tea tastes better, and animals prefer such vortexed water.
Which, as chemical engineer he now can explain why, by his extensive research.


WALTRAUD BOXALL studied the teaching of learning as teacher's teacher.
She stresses the importance of learning by/from making errors, and self-correcting them.
Tuition can be brought in balance with innate curiosity, as inTuition.
This desire for the dis-covery of the unknown brings science (back) to life.


OLU TAIWO was born in England but his tribe comes from Africa.
He describes how western mechanical rhythm differs from African organic rhythm.
He helps people feel how different these rhythms are (felt by the body).
The organic rhythms help connect; mechanical rhythms often disconnect.


SLAVA POPOV was (over)active as a child and was taken to practice sports.
After studying physical education, he worked with the Cirque du Soleil.
He now trains people to learn to find balance ... by doing hand stands.
He is very aware that body language can be learned by experiencing exercising.


MAURO BIGLINO describes (in Italian) that old texts describe (for us) new science.
In that sense 'modern' science might seem to seek to regain what was lost long ago.
That means that our genetic memory probably 'still knows it'.
(But also that perhaps some people hid that knowledge so others do not know it...)


MARGREET BAKKER describes how she became Shaman Blue Star.
As a child she became aware that she sensed what others felt, or thought.
Yet it took time and effort to trust her senses more than stories of others.
She now helps others realise that/how subjective being betters objective being.


MARIELLE GRANNETIA trained as psychologist and then became cranio-sacral therapist.
She learned and trained to feel the subtle pulsations of body organs/parts.
And learned how body rhythms can self-correct by such feeling sensitivity.
And how the language of body and mind differ, yet are connected.


OTTO VAN NIEUWENHUIJZE recorded his synopsis of the essence of Science of Life.
'Change' takes place in/as a Boundary, and as its most basic form as Quantum Change.
Thanks to Tetryonics, Quantum Change can be traced from the quantum- to the material level.
In our body we can see/operate Freedom of Choice by switching inbuilt uncertainty in Matter.


If you enjoy a story, please let the speaker know - you can use the group mail list server.
Please also let the speaker know if/how your research supports their findings/story.
As i keep on mentioning - it is easy to see how the stories complement each other.
Which means that by our group-synergy we can well bring science back to life.

Feel well,

SoL Participants - by putting the pieces together ... the big picture emerges


If you have recently looked at the conference website you will have noted two things:
1)The number of participants able to COME to the conference site dwindled more and more.
2) More and more illustrious participants were ADDED to the conference; more people joined in.
In this text i wish to show how their/our fields of research mutually complement each other.

In reading the list below, appreciate that every participant represents a piece of a puzzle.
The list seeks to show that all the pieces of the puzzle, we, link up in a coherent manner.
Realise that there are many more mutual connections than linear words can show.
The aim of the Science of Life conferences to, together, show the much larger picture.

Note that you were invited because your research is fundamental and 'leading the way'.
Together you show how much science can develop, and in which direction.
Together we can now show that, yes, "there now is a "science of life"!".
Each of you is therein way-ahead of many others on the planet; thank you for joining in/up!

Together, we  the participants describe:
• The geometry of the quantum field, and how this forms and moves Matter (Kelvin Abraham)
• The geometry of universal conscious coherence (Jon Cunnyngham)
• The morphogenetic field (Rupert Sheldrake)
• The geometry forming the biomolecules and genes (Vanessa Hill, (Peter Rowlands))
• The hologram mathematics that describes layers of consciousness/cells (Peter Marcer)
• Quantum field dynamics in the experience of our life and body (Ayten Ayden)
• The hologram dynamic in body unfoldment in embryology (Jaap van der Wal)
• The sheaf mathematics describing that, and consciousness (Goro Kato)
• The electrodynamics of cell energy activation, and more (Konstantin Meyl)
• The biophotonics in cell energy activation communication (Roel van Wijk)
• The electromagnetic field dynamics in acupunture and homeopathy (Cyril Smith)
• The findings of the homeopathy research in Europe (Martin Dicke)
• The findings of information-in-water research (Cees Kamp)
• Techniques for rebalancing body-mind-soul information (Richard Duree)
• Rebalancing information in the body-mind (Marielle Grannetia)
• Retraining the body balance coherence dynamic stability (Slava Popov)
• Training the ability to operate at the edge of balance; "the unknown" (Andrea Cogerino)
• Imagi(ni)ng thought/form transformation (Ziva Ljubec)
• Monotoring 'thought activity' in neurofeedback (Guusje Roozemond)
• Discerning mechanical versus organic rhythm in action (Olu Taiwo)
• Understanding communication/cell rhythms in terms of music (Henk Kooij)
• Developing the skill to operate and trust subjective experience (Margreet Bakker)
• Understanding Freedom of Choice in 'facing the unknown' (O#o van Nieuwenhuijze)
• Understanding that Choices are connected via a Time Fractal (Suzy Vrobel)
• Operating Freedom of Choice in daily life; in this culture (Rafael Almoguera)
• Teaching the self-development of learning from mistakes (Waltraud Boxall)
• Safeguarding societies against the mistakes people make (Angelika Schrodt)
• Teaching response-ability in living by design by trial-and-error (John Wood)
• Communicating with nature to preserve/enhance balance in life (Michael Rice)
• Buddhist/Systems theoretical insight into Integrity and Ethics (Tetsunori Koizumi)
• Sharing DNA and life via the living 'Food Chain' (Hisako Koizumi)
• Founding society on human values (socionomics) and trade on quanta (quantum-economics) (Stephen Ternyik)
• Live or Dead depends on the balance of Information and Energy (Hans Bakker)
• Operating at the edge of Life and Death (Frank de Loos)
• EM 'pineal' brain field measurement in going out of body (Saskia Bosman)
• Reported experiences at the edge of Life and Death (Hedi Meierhans)
• Using out-of-body training in long range space flight (Stéphane Grès)
• Seeing the difference between Live and Dead teeth (Alex Abeling)
• Seeing the connection between 'New Science' and Old Cultures (Mauro Biglino)
• Designing for living in balance with Earth/Life (Jorn Mols)
• Living is an art (Helena Sellergren)

	1)	Together we thus have a combined understanding on the holographic quantum information field that forms and moves Matter; as "the uniVerse" and all forms of (embodied) consciousness within it.
	2)	The electrodynamics of this field operates in cells in the formation of (our) body (materials)
	3)	This body information field interacts with our environment, and 'we' can interact with it.
	4)	Mysticism focuses on experiencing "Realisation", Science focuses on describing 'Reality' - these complement each other.
	5)	In life and healing we can experience/design/teach/learn to keep/operate their balance.
	6)	We do this by operating Freedom of Choice, the essence of Life.
	7)	Together we can now describe Freedom of Choice with quantum precision, in where/what it is but we can never describe how it is used.
	8)	We can however learn ("Sciencing") by sharing how we learn from mistakes.

From the above list you can see that there are many others who complement/complete what YOU found by having explored perspectives you 'had no time for'.

For example, Kelvin shows the geometry of the field which Jon depicts and Konstantin describes which fuels the cell communication which Roel sees which Cyril monitored and Martin stores using water as Cees addresses.
This geometry Rupert addresses, Vanessa sees, and Peter and Peter and Goro describe using mathematics - combined, in quantum detail.
The scientific quest for the unknown is a mental process into which Margreet, Andrea, Slava, give insight and which Helena, John, Waltraud, Jorn, and Sandra express and Michael applies with/in our environment and Richard, Stéphane, Marielle and Frank apply it within us. 
And so on: there are many more relationships between our profound unique individual insights, and experience of life.

In a next conference we can see how science and art are the same reflect each other, and we can then experience how they operate within us and our environment. Then we can interact and 'dance', now we can speak and interact.

For now, we can use ZOOM to meet each other, and connect up with each other.
It is thanks to you all that i realised that, and how, we can now formulate "the Science of Life" because all of you, each in your way, already does that.
Together we can show that "the Science of Life" now exist, and that/how we can use our Freedom of Choice to provide a solution for the problems caused by the science of dead matter which does not address consciousness nor freedom of choice and does not apply to life.
The Science of Life can help Humanity heal, to heal the Earth.

This conference is historic.
We now include Life, Love, Consciousness and Health in Science and can together bring Science back to Life.

Feel well,


2020 Science of Life Conference, Basel
Organiser: SIG (Foundation for Integral Health Care)
the A0-poster is a method for instant self-presentation.
It is the Academic Equivalent of the "Business Card"....
It offers an 'at-once-at-a-glance' view on what you stand for.
Conceptualised by Stafford - Beer it helps bring ideas together.

In the Science of Life 2020 conference this option is offered.
With the request to send in a good quality photograph beforehand.
(Alternatively, draw the poster to scale on A4 and scan at 600dpi.)
The purpose is to have a great Gallery of Idea(l) for-all-to-enjoy.

These A0-posters can also be posted as an inspirational Slide Show.
(A beamer will be available in the conference hall for this purpose.)
The ''A0-posters'' themselves will be used for [[Harvesting Votes|Personal Interests]].
This is a direct means for collecting/connecting/developing/integrating idea(l)s.
|Austrian Brooks | ''Making & Breaking of Boundaries'' |
||As a child i played building dams in brooks; it intrigued me to see that sometimes the dams 'turned the waters' or that 'the waters overturned the dam'; it led me to go to 'the mecca of hydrodynamics' to study the interaction between river-and-bedding and oceans-and-coasts. This is the relationship between motion and matter which Tetryonics now can describe as the relationship between the quantum field and Tetryons; this is the principle of universal creation and the essence of life. |
|TH Delft | ''Movement & Matter'' |
||Engineering school turned out to be of 'a street of bakers all using the same dough to bake different bread'. All departments used differential equation - with different boundary conditions per department - yet lacked the sophistry to teach System Theory in the first school week to show how all these approaches are interconnected. My disappointment with what i was taught brought me to do my own thinking; and out of the dissatisfaction with the presented existing models i was able to come to my own understanding, of the 4D Dynamic Logic. |
|Eelke Bijker | ''River & Bedding'' |
||The interplay between Live and Dead can be compared to the interplay between a river and its bedding. To calculate this, the change of the flow in the river is calculated (1 step) and the result is used to calculate the change in the shape of the bedding (1 step); in iteration. Later i learned that psychologists had used the same approach in calculating the variables (1 step) and then calculating the change in the parameters (1 step). In is complete form this approach can be used to calculate (per step) quantum-change <=> atomic-change <=> molecular-change <=> material-change. |
|Cees Schönfelt | ''System Theory'' |
||In my mind there was only one true professor in the department where i studied; teaching how System Theory applies to all disciplines of Engineering, actually (as i found later) to all disciplines of Science - including how humans function and think - and how the universe is created. The generalised 'Radio Diagrams' can therefore also be used to denote how we think and how System Theory itself van be defined. Tetryonics later showed me how the 'imaginary numbers (in Euler notation') are indeed a 'reality of their own' and (as the Quantum Field) the foundation for creation of all forms and their motions in the reality that we see - but which is merely consequential to the 'imaginary domain of mathematics' of forces that we can never see. |
|TH Delft | ''Discovering Newness'' |
||While in Engineering school i asked how we can discover the unknown, and was told that this is done by Changing the Boundary Conditions. As it did not explain how Boundary Conditions are formed i rejected the answer - and later discovered the 4D Dynamic Logic. |
|Inner Insight | ''Universal Inversion Rotation'' |
||One day sitting at my desk, above me i 'saw the uniVerse turning inside out on itself', and realised that this might be 'an answer' to my question 'how did the universe start'. This led to my 'discovery' of the 4D Dynamic Logic. |
|British Library | ''4D Dynamic Logic is known by all cultures'' |
||Having completed engineering school, and having discovered the 4D Dynamic logic, i set out to research if others had found the same. In the British Library i discovered that all old culture had already discovered the same, yet all had described it - in their own cultural context - in a different manner. Sometimes it was part of the mystical or healing tradition, it was always ingrained in art and the 'creation stories'. Often it is described as 'magic', because it addresses the (cap)ability to change the experience of reality by changing one's own realisation. |
|Jon Cunnyngham | ''Fractal Variational Logic'' |
||Jon was the first to acknowledge the relevance of the 4D Dynamic Logic; he showed how he had followed a similar approach in understanding universal interconnectedness by using a fractal form of fuzzy logic. |
|Bill Tiller | ''Does the light wave go through the Zero Point, exactly?!'' |
||With a seeming 'casual remark' Bill Tiller opened the realisation that in the zero-point transition of a light wave, Energy becomes subordinate to Information. Years later i realised that this is by the (un)coupling of two waves in a wave train from/to the wave envelope, by which a soliton can (not) be formed. His "Tiller - Einstein Equation" shows that Energy invested in crossing a boundary is returned at the other side - this is the essence of a Vortex Dynamic. |
|Roberto Renout | ''Hypermandala'' |
||Roberto Renout, astromancien ( created a software to correlate rhythms of internal/social processes with seasonal/cosmic processes; and was able to integrate the 4D Dynamic Logic in his geometry - based on the relationship between triangles and pentagons on a sphere. |
|Maturana & Varela | ''Autopoietics and Languaging'' |
|| |
|Rupert Sheldrake | ''Morphogenetic Fields'' |
||Having studies wave fields of Oceans and Flow Streams in rivers, it is evident that wave forms are forms of information in formation; Rupert's research showed that living organisms respond to, and  interact with them. |
|Gilles Nibart| ''Lacunations'' |
||Gilles Nibart invited me along to a conference in Paris, where "Lacunations" were being discussed; many years later i realised that these are the locations where Freedom of Choice can operate in our body - and became also a foundation for the [[SSSS]]. |
|Roel van Wijk | ''Do not Assume anything'' |
|| |
|Martin Dicke | ''Homeopathy provides information to Living Cells'' |
|| |
|Jacques Benveniste | ''Cells respond to Information'' |
|| |
|Jaap van der Wal | ''Physiology comes first; Anatomy is a consequence'' |
||Jaap van der Wal showed me that life is always a process; the form is only secondary. George Adam's "Raum & Gegenraum" mathematics is seen in biology at every level; it is the principle of Total System Inversion, in the System Boundary ( in its Singularity) as we can see at all levels of our body: Cell Replication is the most explicit example oft his. Therein we also see that, always, form-follows-function. First, always, there is a process;then -consequently - there is a form, shaped in accordance with the environment in which this takes place. |
|Bert Verveen | ''System (Patho) Physiology'' |
||Bert Verveen provided the approach to be able to understand Health explicitly. Using System Theory it is easy to show that Health is defined by the (continued. coherent) Closure between the Feedforward- and Feedback loops in Cell Communication. As this operates at the physical, chemical, electromagnetic and photon/quantum level it is easy to see that this defines Health in Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. This means that Physiology, Psychology, Sociology and Ecology are but different aspects of the same process: cell communication (which is the inverse of Cell Replication). |
|Charles Rowlatt | ''System Diseases'' |
|| |
|John Wood | ''Actions have Sequences of Consequences'' |
||Often we must be able to think in larger perspective. Science helps to know what you do; magic helps realise that you must always consider the outcome, while healing shows that the outcome must be beneficial. Whatever we do affects our surroundings; both Humanity and Earth - including all other life forms. Meta-design helps understand that designers of objects/processes must take into account all consequences of their creations; in the case of the science of life, it is necessary to likewise foresee the consequences. This we might call Meta-Science (Science by Meta-Design. |
|Waltraud Boxall | ''Knowledge must have Meaning'' |
||Knowledge (Science) can become limiting if not connected to Art - the ability to think differently, and is it has no meaning - as conveyed in education. |
|Vadim Kvitash | ''Medical Measurement Values must have Human Values'' |
|| |
|Matti Pitkänen | ''Use unknown languages to describe unknown 'knowledge'' |
||Known languages can describe the known, and in a quite limited sense can approach t he unknown; if you want to describe the unknown you need an unknown language - a step towards that can lie in the use of hardly known languages - specifically unusual forms of mathematics. |
|Peter Rowlands & Vanessa Hill | ''Algebraic Geometry of Biology'' |
||"Nature's Code" |
|Kelvin Abraham | ''Tetryonics'' |
||In meeting Kelvin Abaham, 'everything could fall in place'; Robeto Renout's Hypermandala, the Wave Equations, the difference between Phasics and Physics, and the difference between Dead Matter and Living Beings. Kelvin's model described in detail how matter is moved and formed by pase change (which was already implied by the CEST notation on the [[Science of Life|]]. With Kelvin's help the foundation was created foe the understanding of the use of quantum-change-by-intent in/by living beings: [[Freedom of Choice]] - [[The Quintessence of Life]]. |
|CONFERENCES | Garard de Zeeuw, George Lasker, Daniel Dubois, ... |
||I discovered that conferences in System Theory are most cross-dimensional. All participants know system theory understand its 'alchemical' nature, and are able to infer the relationship between information, transformation, process and state; regardless of the form or scientific domain in which this is studied. This means that Systems Theoreticians are able to understand the principles and application if 4D Dynamic Logic (the transitions in/of a boundary') and are able to respond with examples from their own field or research. That is where i have presented the main findings of my research. |
//craniosacral therapist//
>[["On Feeling the Difference between a Stone and a Bone"]]
Tetryonics helps understand how quantum change forms and moves Matter. This includes a detailed description of the electron dynamics associated with the change of state of atoms and, consequentially, molecules. This defines the changes of phase/state of Matter; not only in nature but also in our body. The origin in these changes of phase state lies in the change of formation (verb, noun) of information of the quantum field.

Atoms, Molecules, The Zipper of Manifestation, Electron circulation, Transmutation, Biomolecules.

 Rudi Labadie researched the structure of molecules; specifically the difference between Ring Molecules and Rod Molecules; more important is tha bio molecules use both and thus can discern/witch between both.
Antroposophists are very aware that Rods and Rings are complementary; and forms of plants and flowers can be understood/defined/described by the specific combination of both.
In terms of geometry, the rods are 1D lines while the rings are 2D planes. This means that their complementarity is a duality; there is a link between the two, 1D and 2D, dimensions.
In radio-engineering these complementary are described as the relationship between rod antenna (reception/transmission) and ring antenna (resonance/storage).
Tetryonics addresses this at presumably most fundamental level of 1D linear quantum flux (KEM) and 2D circular quantum flux (BEM).
Cells must be able to selectively use both KEM and BEM quantum flux to s(p)lice atoms and thereby (trans)form molecules: with rod/antennae and ring/resonator forms.
Molecules are not material structures, but chemical reactors based on atomic spectra based on specific frequencies.
This is the core of biomolecules: they are vibrations clustered in atoms concatenated as molecules forming bio-materials.
Bio-materials are piezo-electric, liquid-crystal, transistor, and intelligent-gel. In piezo-electric materials physical pressure can release electron clouds, and vice versa. In liquid crystals changes in electron flow can change physical coherence and voce versa. Transistors can redirect the electron flow in the materials due to a charge difference, and vice versa. Intelligent gels can lose/regain their form die to changes in the phase information field; and vice versa.
Herbert Fröhlich described the electromagnetic field effects in cell membranes.
Björn Nordenström described the electric circulation in body vessels and body organs.
Cyril Smith describes how cells respond  to electromagnetic frequencies, in e.g. water, and electromagnetic pulsations.
Jacques Benveniste showed that those specific frequencies can be transmitted (cf. rod antennae/molecules) and stored (cf ring molecules/resonators.
Biomaterials are based on the transition between quantum change – electron-leap, electron-oscillation and electron-bonding.
This defines the biological transmutation that Luois Kervran described.
The link between these authors/perspectives lies in the fundamental quantum electromagnetic radio information field dynamics.
These are not just the transverse Herz waves (associated with energy) but also the Tesla longitudinal waves. As now described by Kzonstantin Meyl and Tom Bearden.
Victor Schauberger (and later Coates) described the flow dunamics in nature.
FThey must also be understood to operate at the molecular level; not just around molecules but also within molecules; and not just around atoms but also within atoms.
Conventional atomic physics regards atoms as if little solar systems; while disregarding the associated electromagnetic fields.
Tetryonics provides a different model; in which atoms are solid state objects, composed of deuterons, with exact electron positions and exact electron displacement potential.
It is this exact electron capture/storage/transformation/release, in it very precise manner as defined by Tetryonics, which is the basis of atomolecular physiology. Which is the basis of psychophysiology, as described by Valery Hunt, Itzhak Bentov, Robert Becker, Michael Persinger, Marty Wuttke and so many others.
Karl Pribram showed that bio-psycho-electro-dynamics is holographic, as addressed also by Peter Marcer – with Michel Bounias adding that this can be described by Hamiltoneans. Daniel Dubois added the insight that this is also anticipational – with Gilles Nibart and othrrs adding alternative mathematical formulations to describe this.
Peter Rowlands provided the ‘cosmic algebra’, with Vanessa Hall providing ‘cosmic biology’ demonstrating that the combination of both applies to the atomolecular electrocellular dynamics, by which the cells produce tebody materials, and consequentially the whole body as a ‘Motherboard’ for the optimisation of cell communication.

bConferences are based on the exchange of ideas of participants.
Most conferences 'underperform' by failing to record the presentations.
Almost all conferences omit recording the informal communications.
The result is an immense loss of inspiring/inspired ideas.

'Everybody' nowadays seems to have a mobile (smart) telephone.
These devices have the capacity to make audio recordings.
All participants can thus record their own conversations, and lectures of others.
Together, this makes a nearly perfect audio record of the entire meeting.

Ideas have their origin in a pre-cognitive pre-mental sustrate.
This substratum of our mind does not operate by ideas (and ensuing thoughts) but as notions and thence concepts.
The thoughts originate in the twilight zone between ideas.
A 'complete' records of exchanges between participants can help others better understand their ideas, and those of others, and originate new ideas.

In preparation or this conference all participants are invited to pre-record their conference presentation.
This can be done by addressing the virtual audience, family or friends, or a group meeting assembled for the purpose.
These pre-recorded presentations an be posted in the Science of Life 2020 Conference web site.
Thereby all participants can listen to each other's stories already before they meet up in the conference - giving the possibility to deepen their understanding and insight in meeting each other.

:In the philosophy for this conference, '__it is all about mutual/cross pollination of idea('l)s__'.
:Every participant can pre-record positive inspired/inspiring reflections to the pre-presentations of others.
:We all have our own blinds spots, and we all have the capacity to see more together than alone.
:'Meetings are never about //competing// but always about //completing//'. 
Cell division operates by a strict logic; every Cell Division is a Cell Decision. Every Cell Replication also replicates its membrane. The dynamic of Cell Replication operates by the principle of Transmutation: physical structure <=> molecular process <=> atomic transformation <=> phase in(-)formation. The internal cell process is thereby turned inside-out to become the dynamic of Cell Communication, which is the basis of Physiology and Psychology. Together they define the production and positioning of Body Materials - which form the 'motherboard' for information integration in the living body.

Phase change, Transmutation, Body Materials, Electromorphodynamics, Circuit Board, Forms of Information.

The Form of our living body is consequential to the forming of our body - just as the river bedding is formed by the river. Embryologist Erich Blecksmidt noted that the pulsation of the blood flow exists before the heart is formed. Generalising thus understanding we can understand that our Anatomy is a consequence of our Physiology; which itself is the consequence of Cell Communication, which again itself is consequential to Cell Replication.
In the process of Cell Division we see that material structure reverts back to molecular processes reverting back to atomic transformation, reverting back to quantum phase change - it is in essence a reversal of the process of cosmogenesis: the forming of the universe. After this in-version dynamic the process inverts, and quantum phase change causes atomic electron ionisation resulting in changed molecular electron flow resulting in a changed lattice of bonded electrons.
Not only are (to new cells formed ('a Cooper Pair') out of tje dynamic of cell multiplcation, but thereby the internal cell processes have also veen e-verted and form the dynamic of Cell Co[munication.
Just as Cell Replication involves a transmutation betwen the 4 phases of Matter (Material structure, moleular process, atomic transformation, and phase inversion) likewise the dynamic of cell communication operates in those four domains (physical structure, molecular process, atomic transformation, and phase inversion. These are usually called physics, chemistry, electromagnetism and infoematics. They are commonly described by (respectively) classical theory, relativity theory, quantum theory and field theory. Thanks to Kelvin Abraham, they can now all be described by the same model:Tetryonics.
Tetryonics describes how QUantum Fields form and move all forms o[f Mater; and how changes in jmaterial structure depends on the change of Stron, Weak kand Derived forces (resulting from attracrion of opposite quantum electroc charges) as a result of the change in quantum field flow; specifically Linear/KEM and circular/BEM Quantum Flux.
Tetryonics describes how quantum fields form and move the primordial form of Matter, Tetryons, and how Tetryons can cluster to form the subatomic Particle Zoo, and atoms. tetryonics describes Atoms as clusters of deuterons (Proton+ Neutron + Electron), with as many Deuterons in the Atom as specified by the Z-number.
Tetryonics details the complementarity of the shape of the Poton and Neutron, and specifies jow an electron can be magnetically lodged in a niche between them. This defines the capability (capacity/ability) of electrons to move within and between atoms. this, we can call the atomolecular electrophysiology.
This electrophysiology in/of atomolecules specifies the electron-availability (in number and in ease) per atom in any cluster of atoms ('molecule'). that thereby specifies the electro-dynamis potential and magneto-dynamic properties of any ayom-cluster. This degines the electromagnetic properties of ayoms, molecules and matter.
Cells are able to (trans)form Molecules; that means that they are able to operate linear/KEM and circular/BEM quantum flux to s(p)lice/repositions atons in/and molecules. Thereby they can produce and position materials with bery specific/precise properties in electromagnetic-material-vorm-change (electromagnetic-morphodynamic) material chanhes.
Note that cell materials van be 1) piezo-electric, 2 liquid-crystal, 3) trabsistor (transducer-transponder0 and intelligent-gel.

[iexo-electric materials interchange phance of öhysica; form with a discharge of electrons, or inverse.
Liquid -crystal materials can change theyr degrese of crystalisation depending on electron flow in the material.
transistor material can change the flow ipn/to/throug the material depending in the electron flow.
Inteligent-gelw cqn change the material fom depending in chanhes in quantum field state.

cells produce and deposit these specially responsive materials in a very precise manner; thereby changes in quantum pjase information can change the state of matter. The b ody as a whole operates 'at a tilting point', in many places in many forms. Ans the forms of the nody depends on  the degree of materialisation under influence of the Quantum em field. The Psychosomatic principle, together with electrophysiology helps understand this dynamoc.

Type the text for 'Body Materials'
The 2020 [[Science of Life]] 'Conference' is intentionally designed to be un-usual.
This is not a place where participants 'rent-a-crate' for a 'self-presentation' Hyde Part London Sunday style.
This conference does not form part of the 'Publish and/or Perish' 'Traveling Circus' 'conference-agencies'.
Instead, this is set up as a ''Meeting of Good Friends'', to - together - explore and discuss fascinating new ideas.

This 'Conference' makes us of [[Pre-presentations]] as part of the preparation for the actual meeting.
All [[Participants]] are invited to prepare, //and present//, their conference [[Presentations]] beforehand.
They are also invited to give positive response to each other's Presentations, as [[Festschrifts]].
This also applies to all Participants who can not attend the meeting but will be [[Present while Absent]].
[[O#o van Nieuwenhuijze]]
'Copyright' remains with the author for all 2020 Science of Life Conference contributions.

This conference is being set up to operate at minimal costs; for optimal effect.
All costs of the conference will be divided equally among all participants.
* ''Rental of the meeting hall'', the ("Dream Office") Collaboration Space in Basel.
*Those who have institutions to fund their expenses might consider offering sponsorship for those who don't.
*Those who come from a same region might consider [[pooling for transport|Travel-pooling]].

Conference costs are therefor:
>''€30 rent for the meeting hall''
>''your expenses'' for travel, lodging, food and your other necessities
//Electro(hyper)sensitivity, electrophysiology, meridian and homeopathy frequencies.//
''1&2 August 2020'' was selected to link in with the InterSymp conference in Baden-Baden.
Due to the 'corona siruation' the meeting place has been relocated to Basel, in Switzerland.

Food will be arranged by all participants, together.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be arranged together.
Shopping facilities are available in the area.
For those willing to do so: bring foods from your region, to share?
'Festschrifts' form part of an Academic Tradition in which work of Colleagues is given Appreciation.
Note that in the 'Western World' people are conditioned to be reluctant to give signs of appreciation.
Note also that, as by Lenz' Law, new ideas often are given resistance, instead of direct support.
Most idea(l) develop better, and quicker, if they are 'supported in a positive clime for growth'.

A ''Festschrift'' is a collection of written presentations, inspired by, and supporting, the idea(l)s of one author.
In this [[Conference]] all [[Participants]] are asked to write or record a 'Festschrift' contribution to each other's papers.
As all [[Participants]] will be reading/watching each other's [[Presentations]], all will know each other's works.
In this case they write down their reflection; how it helps their work and how their work might help the other's.

!Festschrift Format
#Refer to the ''Author'' for whom you write your Festschift Contribution
#Refer to the ''Title'' of the presentation of that author
#In one paragraph, summarise - in your words - ''what the paper tells you''
#In one paragraph, summarise ''your own work field and interests''
#Describe ''how you were inspired''/helped by what the Author presented.
#Describe ''how your own work supports''/complements/completes/confirms what that Author presents
#Suggest what ''further idea(l)s'' might ensue from combining those insights
#Suggest how ''work of other Authors'' might help further this development of research.
#Suggest ''further reading''
#Suggest ''further contacts''

!Festschrift Template
Festschrift Contribution
:[One Paragraph summary of what the paper conveys, in your words]]
:[One Paragraph summary of how you connect the paper to your own work/interests]
:[How were you inspired/helped by what the Author presented]
:[How does your own work support/complement/complete/confirm what that Author presents?]
:[What idea(l)s might ensue from combining those insights]
:[Further reading, URL’s, institutions, or other contacts which might be pertinent]
:[Whatever supportive words/thoughts/idea(l)s you might wish to add or the AUTHOR and all readers]
[["Working at the Edge of Life and Death - the Daily Doings of the Anesthesiologist"]]
Freedom of Choice is THE (Quint)essence of Life. It is based on the change of phase of1 the quantum in t he (Tetryonic) Quantum Field, operating in Lacunations in the SSSS, to operate change of state of phase throughout our body in a coherent wave/way. Thereby we can operate Free Choice in the light field in our brain, Decide/de-side our electrical polarisation of our interface, Condition our Conviction in our Body Chemistry, and operate Reflexes by Cell (in)Activation. In our body Freedom of Choice operate as Free Choice, Free Will, Free Expression and Free Association. Between our bodies Freedom of Choice operates as Change of Intent, Change of Involvement, Change of Interaction and Change of Integration.

Freedom of Choice, the Essence of Life, Phase Change, State Change, Zipper of Manifestation, Lacunations, SSSS, reation



[["Incorporating Fermentation into Daily Life as a Way towards Environmental Sustainability"]]
Imagine a room.
… a spacious collaboration space…
Filled with light.
Room for thought...

:Imagine a flower.
:In that sheltered surrounding.
:With wide open mind.
:Cross-pollinating idea(l)s.
>Welcome to the Conference
>of the Science of Life
>1&2 August 2020,
>Basel, Switzerland.
Welcome to the 1^^st^^ Conference on the Science of Life, organised by [[SIG]].
Participation is by //personal invitation// only.

This invitation has been sent out to a select group of researchers.
The aim is to facilitate a personal meeting between them.
Each already has a 'track record' in scientific research.
Each is also aware that the research of Life extends well beyond Science.

This gathering is NOT set up in the conventional conferencing format.
A location has been sought, and found, where participants can stay overnight.
The setting provides a beautiful spacious high-ceilinged meeting hall.
A projector is available - let us know if you would need one.

2020conference @
?Andris Buikis
Angelika Schodt
-Ayten Ayden
Basil Hiley
Bill Graham
Bill Tiller (consciousness medicine)
Brian Josephson
Cees Kamp
Cyril Smith (homeopathy & Acupuncture & elektro-(hyper)-sensitivity)
Daniel Dubois
Dean Radin
-Doris Heselberger
Edgar Mitchell
Eduard van Wijk
Kathleen Foresyth
Eric Schwartz (autopoieses system theory)
Gaetan Chevalier 
George Lasker
Ghislaine de Laaghe
Gilles Nibart (Physics & Tantra Yoga)
Goro Kato (mathematics of consciousnes; sheaf theory)
Greg Andonian
Guusje Roozemond
Hans Andeweg
Hans Smorenburg
Helmut Löckerhof
Jaap van der Wal
Jan Schroen
Jan Souren
Jan van der Greef (Science of Life)
?Jerry Chandler
-Joe Hall
Jorn Mols (designer, 
Julia Tsuei
Ka Kit Hui
Karl Kratky (integral health care)
Kelvin Abraham (creator of Tetryonics)
Konstantin Meyl
Marco Bischof (science frontiers)
Martin Dicke (homeopathy + information medicine)
Matti Pitkänen (mathematlics of consciousness)
Michael Heather (mathemaatics of consciousness; category theory)
Michael Rice (bio-logical architecture)
Michael Schreiber
Mitja perus
Nico smits
Olu taiwo
Peter marcer
Peter rowlands
Pim van Lommel (cardiologist & consciousness transference)
Rafael almoguera
Rajendra Baipal
Raymond de waele
Richard duree
Roel van wijk
Rudie labadie
Sandra Lundström (artist)
Saskia bosman
Stanley krippner
Stephen Ternyik
Susie vrobel
Tad Kaptchuk (qi conscious healing)
Tetsunori koizumi
Vadim Kvitasch (Physiology & relonics)
Vanessa hill
Vladimir voeiekov
Walter schempp
Waltraud Boxall (educator & culture)
* [[|]]
How can we reconcile the ineffable, unquantifiable, exceptions-based world of living systems
with the Flatland of laws and truths that is Science?
10k years of industrialisation suggest that humans choose dependability over complexity.
Alternative insights can be found in Pataphysics and Metadesign,
which offer self-reflexive epistemologies that are relational and multi-dimensional.
[["The Electromagnetic Structure of Gas"]]
Lacunations are the key(hole)s to understanding the operation of Freedom of Choice, in the SSSS (System Singularity Stability Set). Lacunations are the ; tipping points', 'axles', turning points where the system can turn inside out/outside-in in itself, by operating the transition/transmutation between phasics and physics.  Thee are the sites of localised instability, represented by our body temperature, where materials can easily go from one phase state too another. From the niche in the Deuterons to the portal proteins in the cells to the sphincters/blind_pots in our organs to the vagina, the lacunations are ordered in a [[System]]atic way which manifests the [[SSSS]] with/in/within our body as 4D fulcrum for operating Freedom of Choice.

Singularity, Zero Point, Transition, Pivot, Axle, Lacunation, Integration, System

Beings ('Biological Systems') operate Freedom of Choice via a system of Tipping Points (described in [[SSSS]]). Body Materials are produced by living cells for the purpose of cell communication. Body materials selectively respond to changes in quantum field phase information. [[The PsychoSomatic Principle]] (separately described), operating [[AtoMolecular Physiology]] (separately described) via a systematic concatenation of local foci of potential change of state, which is crucial for the activation of live choices in a body.
[["On the Vital Difference between a Live and a Dead Tooth"]]
The Science of Life Conference 2020 will take place in Basel, in Switzerland.
The address is: ''Droffice, Im Surinam 4, Basel, CH - 4048''
It is the private meeting space of a young enthusiastic company.
It is the breeding place of good feeling and new ideas.

See: [[Date]], [[Lodging]]
The 'corona' travel politics/policies resulted in most conference participants staying safe/home.
The contacts in/of/for the conference (this year, 2020) take place via tele-conferencing.
For those who would attend the conference site in person, the following is often practical and convenient:
* Low price Air B&B is also available 'just across the border'
| ''[[Lodging]]'' |
| ''[[Presentations|]]'' |
| ''[[Participants]]'' |
| ''[[Programme]]'' |
[["Self-healing Potential - Its Opportunity for Public Health Care"|]]
//Mathematics of Consciousness//
Suggested time of arrival is Friday evening, for those coming from far.
Saturday morning a brief plenary session serves for general introductions and mutual meetings.
Saturday and Sunday are available for exploring how we can help each other establishing the Science of Life.
Sunday afternoon is the time for farewell after a summary plenary meeting proposing future follow-ups.

Due to the 'Corona Politics', many participants opted to stay at home.
As a result the conference shifted from meeting in person to Virtual Meetings.
For this purpose all participants were invited to be interviewed prior to the conference.
The conference itself will take place mainly by internet teleconferencing via [[Zoom]] and [[Skype]].

Notable is that the participants of this conference beautifully complement each other.
Every participant is profoundly knowledgeable in their own field of research.
All are at the forefront of (scientific) discovery and leaders in new developments.
Together they show how the Science of Life has many interrelated aspects.
!Science of Life – Interviews (1)
This week I asked some of you already to do (Skype) interviews with me.
With a choice of a personal presentation or Interview mode recording.
Each of these recordings is available for all of you to listen to.
But also means for you to give your own supportive Festschrift reflections on.

ROEL VAN WIJK describes his quest for understanding the essence of life.
In our living body we experience how cells produce molecules, based on DNA.
Whenever cells are stressed or need energy, light plays a pivotal role.
The research of Light in Life will provide fundamental new insights.

JAAP VAN DER WAL talks about the ongoing development of life, within us.
As researcher of anatomy he sees how everything in the body is connected.
As embryologist he sees that the (trans)formation of our body is an ongoing process.
This, not only occurs in humans, but also in the whole of humanity (and all Life).

JOHN WOOD describes MetaDesign; in relationship to a redesign of Science (of Life).
Science is said to only describe reality, but technology (based on science) changes reality.
Designers often play a role in ‘selling new technology to the public’; ‘producing pollution’.
MetaDesign may well help to redesign science so that its technology enhances life on Earth. 

RICHARD DUREE talks about the deep impact our beliefs have on our body and health.
He has direct experience with that as patient of a Healer – who also became his teacher.
And he has direct experience with it as healer; seeing how what we think can affect health.
This was also part of his native traditional Cherokee Indian culture of living life with integrity. 

HENK KOOIJ is singer, psychologist and co-creator of MatheMusics.
‘If every cell-cycle is in fact a musical note, can music notation describe the synergy of cells?’.
Indeed, Music Theory/Notation can help understand ‘the song of Life within our Body/Bodies.
Henk gives an example of restoring couple fertility by restoring singing harmony of the couple. 

Other recording were made but are yet to be uploaded.
Other recordings are yet to be made and then will be uploaded.
In the next email with Introductions there will be presented.
Please contact me if you wish to add (more) recordings of you presenting your work.

Feel well


!Science of Life – Interviews (2)
This week further interviews were possible, with fascinating stories.
It is remarkable how again and again the stories complement each other.
And also, how every story invites deeper layer follow-up stories.
This will probably unfold even more in/by/during the conference itself.

RAFAEL ALMOGUERA tells how discovering Freedom of Choice changed his life.
He noted how our society has become increasingly more mechanised/mechanical.
While children show so clearly that liveliness and vitality is fundamentally different.
Our technology might better be focused of promoting Freedom of Choice instead of reducing our options.

CEES KAMP discovered the vitality of water in an Ural river in Russia.
Since, he was able to produce such water by adding a spiral shell to a tap.
The result is that coffee/tea tastes better, and animals prefer vortexed water.
Which, as chemical engineer he now can explain by his extensive research.

WALTRAUD BOXALL studied the teaching of learning as teacher's teacher.
She stresses the importance of learning by/from making errors, and correct them.
Tuition can be brought in balance with innate curiosity, as inTuition.
This desire for the dis-covery of the unknown brings science (back) to life.

OLU TAIWO was born in England but his tribe comes from Africa.
He describes how western mechanical rhythm differs from African organic rhythm.
He helps people feel how different these rhythms are (felt by the body).
The organic rhythms help connect; mechanical rhythm often disconnects.

SLAVA POPOV was (over)active as a child and was taken to practice sports.
After studying physical education, he worked with the Cirque du Soleil.
He now trains people to learn to find balance ... by doing hand stands.
And also know body language can be learned by experiencing it in practice.

MAURO BIGLINO describes (in Italian) that old texts describe (for us) new science.
In that sense 'modern' science might seek to regain what was lost long ago.
That means that our genetic memory probably 'still knows it'.
But also that perhaps some people hid that knowledge so others do not know it...

MARGREET BAKKER describes how she became Shaman Blue Star.
As a child she became aware that she sensed what others felt, or thought.
Yet it took time and effort to trust her senses more than stories of others.
She now helps others realise that/how subjective being betters objective being.

MARIELLE GRANNETIA trained as psychologist and then became cranio-sacral therapist.
She learned and trained to feel the subtle pulsations of body organs/parts.
And learned how body rhythms can self-correct by such feeling sensitivity.
And how the language of body and mind differ, yet are connected.

OTTO VAN NIEUWENHUIJZE recorded his synopsis of the essence of Science of Life.
'Change' takes place in/as a Boundary, and as its most basic form as Quantum Change.
Thanks to Tetryonics Quantum Change can be traced from the quantum to the material level.
In our body we can see/operate Freedom of Choice by switching inbuilt uncertainty in Matter.

If you enjoy a story, please let the speaker know - you can use the group mail list server.
Please also letter the speaker know if/how your research supports their findings/story.
As i keep on mentioning - it is easy to see how the stories complement each other.
Which means that by our group-synergy we can well bring science back to life.

Feel well,

#[[The Discovery of the Science of Life]]
#[[The Crucial Difference between Live and Dead]]
#[[Science of Life - Basics]]
#[[The PsychoSomatic Principle]]
#[[Freedom of Choice]]
#[[Lacunation Organisation]]
#[[AtoMolecular Physiology]]
#[[Body Materials]]
#[[Body Formation]]
#[[Body Information]]
#[[The Equation of Health]]

The (Quint)Essence of Life is [[Freedom of Choice]].
Every [[Living Being]] operates Freedom of Choice.
Whatever operates Freedom of Choice (and can go against its Condition(ing)s, is [[Alive]].
Whatever cannot change its internal state coherently and consistently, is [[Dead Matter]].

*[[Awareness]] is the ability to sense environmental condition(ing)s in relationship to internal (condition(ing).
*[[Consciousness]] is the ability to correlate internal and external phase information states.
*[[Intelligence]] is the ability to cross-correlate local and non-local phase information field dynamics.
*[[Wisdom]] is the ability to successfully integrate past learning experiences into unknown/new situations.

>Together these [[Levels of Consciousness]] define our (cap)ability to operate [[Freedom of Choice]] in our [[Participation in Creation]]; as [[Creators in Creation]].

The series of essays, listed above, describes (1) the Discovery of the Science of Life, (2) how it is related to, yet very different from, the science of Dead Matter, (3) how we need to transcend the science of Dead Matter to be able to understand the Science of Life, and (4) how we see the link between both in our Living Body.
The understanding of Tetryonics is crucial to be able to see that link: The Quantum Change described by Tetryonics is the Freedom of Choice (5) as operated in/by our Living Cells; this requires the realisation that Phase State Change operates in our body at all levels, from the Quantum to the atomic to the Molecular to the Material (6), which however requires very precise calibration  of lacunations in which phase transitions can take place in our body (7), which can be precisely understood by combining the findings of Tetryonics with the cascade of quantum change from the photon level to the atomic level to the molecular level to the transmutation of Matter (8).
Further backgrounds on The Science of Life are found in (which explains how 0D Consciousness, 2D Energy, 2D Time and 3D Space are related, and how by freedom of choice ('Heaven') we can create or convictions ('Hell').
The understanding of the operation of Freedom of Choice in our body is described in
The integration of the understanding of Freedom of Choice in our life (as Human in Humanity, on Earth) is described in (and how it can go wrong - and how we can learn from that -  in
all are Essays; 'work in progress'.
This will be 'a conference where nobody comes to'.
Government 'corona' policies restrict travel and meetings.
Therefore all participants will participate 'from their own home'.
The conference will take place via ZOOM, coordinated by Colin Müller.

Prior to the conference many of the [[Participants]] were [[interviewed|Presentations]].
The [[Presentations]] show how much the participants complement/compete each other.
Each participant has in-depth knowledge/experience of/for their domain of exploration.
All together they show the way we can discover and apply the Sxience of Life.

Science of Life is the realisation that all living beings operate Freedom of Choice.
Freedom of Choice operates in the Quantum Levels; and in Lacunations (states of quantum ambivalence) in organisms.
Living beings are composed by cells which selectively produce and position Body Materials to optimice cell communication.
Cells are able to operate atomic nuclear forces (linear and circular quantum flux) in (trans)forming molecules.

Tetryonics provides a geometry for understanding that and how quantum change/coherence forms and moves matter.
The quantum field is percieved as light field, electromagnetic field, temterature fluctuations, sound wave, and motion.
The link between information and material motion is seen in the electromagnetic spectrum associated with atoms and molecules.
Thus the local and universal electromagnetic fields interact to form and move matters; living cells actively make use of that.

Life can be defined as the coherence in phase change in the quantum field as it can be operated by 'living organisms'.
Living organisms are defined by the ability to operate Freedom of Choice: intentional quantum/interface/system change.
In the use of Freedom of Choice, the organism can act 'against the logal conditions', 'in line with more universal conditions'.
This also defines consciousness: the ability to (cor)relate the local/ambient information field to the non-local/universal information field.

This conference brings together people who have each explored/defined/described/experienced (aspects of) this principle processof life.
Together they show that like is based on the dynamic of the quantum electromagnetic information field; and the ability to interact with it.
They focus on various aspects on the interplay between the quantum field and biomolecules; and the electromagnetic information fields.
Together they show that matter is a form of information-in-formation, solidified out-of-time and thereby reflective of the experience of creation.
Conferences are 'production sites for published papers'.
These "Papers" are simultaneously the Product AND the Process.
As the Product they help Others/Outsiders understand the conclusion of the conference/meeting.
As the Process they help the Insiders/Participants to better help each other and themselves.
* Papers in that sense are like Soap: instrumental in 'helping the one hand wash the other'.

Papers have a Form(at) and a Content(ment)
The Form(at) is the Container for Transport and Storage - which operates best if 'uniform'.
The Content(ment) is best when unique - as complementary pieces of a Puzzle.
Papers thus have a sameness in form(at) and a difference in Content(ment).

Publishing conference proceedings can be taken a step farther than is usually done.
This is easily achieved by participants sharing their Papers long before attending the conference.
They can then read the Papers of the others, and describe how those ideas help them.
Thereby 'the difference in Content can be bridged', and 'the pieces of the puzzle connected.

Bridging the difference is based on interpretation: seeing beyond the firm of what is presented.
Puzzling the Pieces requires translation: a playful reinterpretation on perspective/involvement.
Bridging the differences extends/increases the meaning of all Papers that are thus linked.
Puzzling the Papers increases/deepens the relevance of all Papers, and their Collection.

Bridging the differences can be done prior to the conference.
It helps bring out the appreciation for the other participants and the valuing of their contribution.
Some Papers help refine your own work by agreement, some help redefine by disagreement.
In both cases is becomes possible to enhance the structure and coherence of your own Paper.
* Note that 'opposite' views always complete/complement each other!

Puzzling the pieces can best be done during the conference.
This takes place in the mutual exploration of the conference theme (in this case: "Life").
We all have an incomplete thus invalid interpretation/understanding of the meaning if "Live".
By complementing/completing our views/findings we can come to a better understanding.
* Note that if we knew what life really is, this conference would not be necessary.

An aim of this conference is to help others understand the meaning of "Life"/"Live".
This requires more than Bridging Differences and Complementing/Completing Content(ment).
It also requires a Wrapping Up - bringing the (work of the) conference to a Conclusion.
This is done after the conference, in (preparing for) sharing the conclusions with others.
* Note: this is the Publication and presentation of the Curriculum of the Conference.

Communication is an art and a skill.
For that reason, artists, business people and philosophers are also invited in/to the conference.
They will ask questions to help understand and give reflections to help present.
'This whole meeting is a collaborative effort to help your work/being be(come) a success'.
* All people invited to the meeting are there for you to be (at) your best.
//See also//: [[Mutual Introductions]]
|[[O#o van Nieuwenhuijze]] | initiator of the Science of Life conference series|
|[[Collin Müller]] | //vital food, live values, organisation//, ''ZOOM coordinator''|
|[[Barbara Consorti]] | Sensitive ambiance interpreter [[interviewer]]|
|[[Sandra Lundström]] | Artistic interpreter [[interviewer]]|
|[[Joanne Lackey]] | Expressive artist [[interviewer]]|
|[[Helena Sellergren]] | Artistic integrator [[interviewer]]|
|[[Kelvin Abraham]] |Tetryonics - a geometric model for/of the Quantum Field, showing how matter is formed and moved by linear and circular quantum field flux. |
|[[Vanessa Hill]] |Geneticist, Nature's Code (geometric organisation of genetic material) |
|[[Peter Marcer]] |Quantum holography, field physics, mathematical analysis, communication and consciousness |
|[[Goro Kato]] |Mathematical sheaf theory, consciousness |
|[[Konstantin Meyl]] |EM Fields structure and organisation (information & Force) in Nature, Culture and our body. |
|[[Roel van Wijk]] |Cell biologist, initiator of momeopathy-, integral health care, and biophoton reaserach. |
|[[Martin Dicke]] |Pharmacist  Homeopathy research - coordinator of much of the Homeopathy research in Europe; with Roel van Wijk and Jacques Benveniste and others; |
|[[Cyril Smith]] |Material science, Bio-electromagnetism, electro(hyper)sensitivity, electromagnetic nature of homeopathy and meridians. |
|[[Cees Kamp]] |Water research, //water awareness// |
|[[Richard Duree]] |Bio-symbiosis, Kilesiology, mind-body-interactions, Genetic Reprogramming |
|[[Arielle Grannetia]] |Psychologist, craniosacral therapist, businesswoman |
|[[Lex Abeling]] |Holistic Dentist, immune system, soul, immune system, mitl (medically induced toxic loeads), detoxification |
|[[Frank de Loos]] |Anaesthesiologist |
|[[Ziva Ljubec]] |Transphibianism, imag(in)ing organic formation/organisation |
|[[Jaap van der Wal]] |Anatomist, embryologist, phenomenologist, hologram nature of body organisation. http://www/ |
|[[Saskia Bosman]] |Consciousnes, cell-biology, pineal gland interactivity with other/Earth electromagnetic information fields. |
|[[Olu Taiwo]] |Communication rhythms, metric & organic, Return beat, artistic expression. |
|[[John Wood]] |MetaDesign, educator, response-ability in creation, artist. |
|[[Michael Rice]] |Bio-architect, communication with nature, geometrical coherence in nature  |
|[[Waltraud Boxall]] |Teachers teacher, Tuition & inTuition, response-ability, learning from mistakes, ethics, integrity. |
|[[Tetsunori Koizumi]] |System Theory, Buddhism, ethics and integrity |
|[[Hisako Koizumi]] |Nutrition, Symbiosis |
|[[Stephen Ternyik]] |Socionomics, Health, Mysticism |
|[[Stéphane Grès]]  |Tibetan healing; meditation, Mars space flight |
|[[Slava Popov]] |Physical education, Cirque du Soleil, body experience, inner/outer balance, body language |
|[[Margreet Bakker]] |Shaman Blue Star, subjective science, navigating trance states |
|[[Andrea Cogerino]] |Philosopher, druid, twilight consciousness states, interfacing with the unknown |
|[[Mauro Biglino]] |Linguist, ancient texts, old new science, misinterprepations/misrepresentations |
|[[Lanny Cotler]] |//educator, film maker// |
|[[Helena Sellergren]] |Life Artist, inspirer of cultural/natural experience |
|[[Rafael Almoguera]] |Freedom of Choice, computer technology |
|[[Angelika Schrodt]] |Psychology of Science, integrity in being |
|[[Coby Schasfoort]] |Kinesiologist, wise woman |
|[[Suzy Vrobel]] |Time Fractal |
|[[Michael Schreiber]] |System Theory mathematics |
|[[Jon Cunnyngham]] |Geometric universal coherence |
|[[Ayten Aydin]] |Quantum Theory in Life |
|[[Rupert Sheldrake]] |Biologist, Morphogenetic Fields |
|Henk Bakker |Nurse anaesthesiologist |
|Bill Graham |Integral health care |
|Brian Josephson |Physicist, consciousness|
|Jorn Mols |Designer, creator, social life enhancer |

!Invited others who (in)directly helped found the Science of Life
Alexandre Makarovitsch
Ananta Kumar Giri
Andris Buikis
Basil Hiley
Bill Tiller //physicist//, //consciousness//
Daniel Dubois
Diego Rapoport
Domitian Popescu //nuclear physicist//
Doris Heselberger
Edgar Mitchel
Eric Schwarz
Gaetan Chevalier
Ghislaine de Laaghe
Gilles Nibart //tantra, mathematical physicist//
Greg Andonian //architect//
Guusje Roozemond //neuraltherapist//
Hal Puthoff
Hans Andeweg
Hans Smorenburg
Hellmut Loeckenhoff
Ibrahim Karim
Jan Souren
Jan van der Greef
Joe Hall
Johanna Buchenau //physician//
Julia Tsuei
Ka Kit Hui
Karl Kratky
Kathleen Forsythe
Marco Bischof
Marty Wuttke
Matti Pitkänen]] //Mathematics of consciousness//
Michael Heather
Mitja Perus
Nassim Haramein
Nico Smits
Peter Rowlands (Nature's Code) //physicist//
Pim van Lommel
Rajendra Baipal
Rudi Labadie
Stanley Krippner
Stephen Raymond
Stuart Hameroff
Ted Kapchuk
Vadim Kvitash
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 Participation is by [[Invitation]] only.
All participants are invited to contribute [[Presentations]].
All are invited to pre-record Audio-/Video [[Recordings]].
[[Copyright]] always remains with the Author.

Those attending the meeting can opt to [[lodge on-site|Lodging]].
Ideally, all participant share their [[Presentations]] and [[Recordings]] prior to the conference.
Ideally, all participants mutually add supportive '[[Festschrift|Festschrifts]]' contributions to each other' papers.
This 'leaves all participants free, by knowing each others' idea(l)s , and go beyond them'.

Those unable to attend the meeting can participate via the option [[Present while Absent]].
This makes it possible to contribute [[Presentations]] and contribute [[Festschrift|Festschrifts]] texts.
Interaction with those present at the meeting is possible via a [[Skype Conference]].
Those who can not attend on-site or remote can contribute as [[Absent Participant]]

Ideally this conference can build up an insight beyond what all can contribute.
There are reasons why science did not research Life, Love, Consciousness and Health.
These reasons are unrelated to science, but are based on a politics of beliefs.
One of the items of research of the Science of Life is the proper use of Belief.
|The main purpose of this conference is to help you develop your own Interests and Idea(l)s.
The [[A0-poster]] is intended as a collecting/connecting point for sharing interests.
The [[Audio-record]]s serve as a broadened method for communication/dialogue.
The [[Video-record]]s serve as a collected [[Lecture Series]], forming a [[Curriculum]].

An adapted adopted version of the Stafford-Beer 'voting' system is used:
!involvement options
*Green Dot: 1-2-1 walk in the park to together share ideas.
*Blue Dot: small group meeting for exploration of ideas
*Yellow Dot: mini-lecture to harvest insight
*White Dot: Plenary Panel meeting
!interest options
| "?" |Question Mark - if you would like more information |
| "!" |Exclamation Mark - if you would like to present your view |
| ?! |Dialogue Mark - if an exchange of ideas seems interesting |
| "..." |Open Exploration - if topic/contents beyond what was posted could be explored |
!exposure options
The 2020 Science of Life Conference invites all participants to present [[PREsentations|Pre-presentations]].
The aim is to share idea(l)s and visions as much as possible before the meeting itself already.
In that way, everybody can already know 'what the others come to say'.
And, you can thus take the findings of others in account in refining your ideas.

# [[A0-poster]]
# [[Audio-record]]
# [[Video-record]]
# [[Personal Interests]]
''Ideally, 'all work will have been done beforehand''', in this 2020 Conference on the [[Science of LIfe]].
'Preparation' is the key: all [[Participants]] are invited to send in their [[Presentations]] prior to the meeting.
Also, all [[Participants]] are asked to contribute to the contributions by using the [[Festschrift process|Festschrifts]].
Likewise, all are invited to send in an [[Audio-record]] and/or [[Video-record]] ('Selfie Ted Talk') beforehand.

| [[Personal Interests]] | [[Pre-presentations]] | [[Paper Production]] | [[Present while Absent]] |
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For those who are invited but can not come to the meeting an alternative will be offered.
"Present while Absent" could be regarded as a parallel track in the conference activities.
Those who wish to make use of this [[prepare|Pre-presentation]] in the same way as all others.
However, instead of traveling to Basel, they participate using a [[Skype audio&video link|Video-record]]
All participants are invited to present their ideas and philosophies, experience and research on the Science of Life.
All are free to contribute as many presentations as desired.

The Presentations are primarily presented //before// the conference takes place.
In this way all participants can already know of the idea(l) of all other participants.

By using the [[Festschrift]] format, all participants can describe how the ideas of others helped them.
Likewise they can describe how their own findings support those of the other.

All Participants are requested to contribute an Audio Recording or Video Recording of their presentation //prior// to the meeting.
For those who prefer that, there is the option to record the presentation in de form of a Skype Recording.

This Skype Recording can be done in the form of a Lecture, Interview, Dialogue or Thinking-out-Loud.
It is also possible to use Skype Screen Share and record an explanation of a Note Slide Presentation.

!Written Presentations

!Festschrift Response

!Video Recordings

!Audio Recordings

!Skype Recordings

!Art Presentations

!Music Presentations
How to make best of mutual support in making your presentation and the conference a success::

#Decide to ''participate'' - your name will be added to the email list server
#Send your ''Title'' to the list server
#Send your ''Abstract'' to the list server
#Send your ''Outline'' to the list server
#Send your ''Concept'' to the list server
#''Read'' every Concept of others sent to you via the list server
## do you know that topic?,
## how is it relevant to you?,
## how does it help your work?,
## how does your work complement/complete it?.
#You can ''re(de)fine your title/abstract/outline/concept'' until the end of the conference meeting.
*Note that this process makes use of the dynamic of [[Sciencing]] by  sharing [[Science in the Making]]; this strengthens the process and increases understanding; "''Help others, to help you''".
The 'Programme' focuses around the [[Presentations]] of/by all [[Participants]].
Most of the presentations will be preceded by a pre-recorded interview/talk.
Various "Interviewers" will interact with all Presenters throughout the weekend.
As most interactions will take place via Skype, these interactions will be arranged in-promptu.

The Conference Weekend is merely meant as a First Introduction; for meeting each other.
From then on everybody has each other's contact details; and can continue to work together.
Because in its way this conference is also a Club; a Research Society; 'the Life Society'.
Of which all participants can continue to contribute in via de linking-media of this project wersite.

# Every participant is [[interviewed|Interviews]]
# All participants are invited to record (voice/video/text/art) what they learned from every interview/presentation.
# Artists interview all participants, for the purpose of widening the possible interpretations.
# All recordings are made available to all participants for personal use.

The participants from Australia, Japan and the United States live in different Time Zones.
Please give them priority in selecting in which Time Slot they would like to Present/Participate.
All presentations will be recorded so that all other participans can experience them also.
Please use your own Recording Device in your own home to record every conversation you participate in.
Please remind each other to start, and finish, your Recording Device for every Conversation/Presentation Session.
Please upload every recording you make to the [[Google Drive for the Foundation SIG|]]

| 10:00-10:20|Plenary Presentation - Welcome and Introduction |
| 10:20-10:40|Explanation: Use of Zoom & Skype for Group & Personal Conversations |
| 10:40-11:00|PERSONAL TIME for proposing  one-to-one, small-group and large group conversations |
| 11:00-12:00|Plenary Mutual Introduction (3 minute self-presentation: field of activities; relationship to Science of Life |
| 12:00-13:00| LUNCH BREAK |
| 13:00-14:00|Plenary/Private Sessions (1) |
| 14:00-15:00|Plenary/Private Sessions (2) |
| 15:00-16:00| TEA BREAK - (especially for the 'recording studio crew') |
| 16:00-17:00|Plenary/Private Sessions (3) |
| 17:00-18:00|Plenary/Private Sessions (4) |
| 18:00-18:18|Reflecting on the 1st Day of the 1st Conference on the Science of Life |

| 10:00-11:00|Plenary/Private Sessions (5) |
| 11:00-12:00|Plenary/Private Sessions (6) |
| 12:00-13:00| LUNCH BREAK |
| 13:00-14:00|Plenary/Private Sessions (7) |
| 14:00-15:00|Plenary/Private Sessions (8) |
| 15:00-16:00| Plenary Session - Future of Science of Life (Conferences) |
#Sign-up for the [['Cosy Conference']] and reserve your own [[Lodging]]
#Your name will be added to the [[eMail-List-Server[[
#Send in your Title, Abstract, Outline, Draft, Paper; as many as you like - copyright remains with the author.
#Send in your 15 minute [[Video-record]] and your 30-minute [[Audio-record]] to be shared on the web site.
#Co-ordinate your transport with others voyaging from your region for [[Travel-pooling]]
#Prepare your [[A0-poster]] for presentation upon your arrival in the conference meeting space in Basel.
#Enjoy the [[Meeting]]
#''Let's bring Science to Life, and create a true Science of/for Life''
'Recordings' are a means to preserve information.
Conferences are places of very active and profound information exchange.
In Conferences information is also changed, transformed: all present learn from/with each other.
Ideally, all these "Moments of Learning" are recorded - there is much to learn from them, later.
The Foundation for Integral Health Care is an organisation for Public Benefit.
It was founded 2020.02.12, and it is funded by Donations.

SIG is organiser of the 2020 conference "Science of LIfe".
SSSS stands for the "System Singularity Stability Set"; the structured system of singularities which determine the changes of phase state of the system boundary (operating at all levels of system organisation. The SSSS organises "Lacunations" (separately described) in which freedom of Choice is operated in our body. Tetryonics helps understand how this is possible.

System, Singularity, Stability, 

//Artist, Sensitive, Health & Beauty practitioner//
'Science in the Making' is the step-by-step, by trial-and-error process of producing Science ("[[Sciencing]]").
[[Sciencing]] is by definition unscientific; it is an art, and the exploration of the unknown.
[[Science in the Making]] is the active art of that exploration; requiring new (previously unknown) ways of thinking.
It is that process, of re(de)fining (y)our way(s) of thinking which is best help/calibration by collaboration in the Making of Science.
The 'Science of Life' is fundamentally different from the [[Science of Dead Matter]].
Dead Matter is inert, as is best described by [[Tetryonics]]; //see//
At its most fundamental level, Dead Matter is operated by a [[Quantum Leap]] (= Phase Change).
All living beings are able to operate at that level, in what is called "[[Freedom of Choice]]".

>"The Zipper of Manifestation":
>''photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electron=oscillation <=> electron-bonding''.
> quantum-change <=> atomic-change <=> molecular-change <=> material-change
> information <=> transformation <=> process <=> structure (a.k.a. "//Transmutation//")

As modeled by Tetryonics, the Quantum Field operates (by/as) electromagnetic field changes.
In a very defined and predictable manner, this defines changes in/of/as Atoms, Molecules and Matter.
Our body too operates in compliance to the 'laws of nature' pertaining to Dead Matter.
The forming of our body however does not: Living Cells operate Freedom of Choice.

Over the past centuries, 'Science' developed its understanding from Matter to Molecules to Atoms.
With the formulation of the concept of the Quantum, Science (very literally) 'ran into a dead end'.
It was understood that __Quanta determine the changes in/of Atoms__; but not what changes Quanta.
That changed with the introduction of [[Tetryonics|]], 're-engineering science from the bottom up'.

Science was created in/by/as 'contradistinction' of the dogma of the church in Rome.
'Descartes was allowed to study Matter, but only the pope c.s. were allowed to study spirit.'.
This 'contradistinction' collapsed when the link between quantum change and freedom of choice was discovered.
That immediately also resolved "The Blind Spots of Science": Life, Love, Consciousness and Health.

The "Science of Life" originated from the tenets of the [[4-Dimensional Dynamic Logic]].
This is the logic which defines the creation/transformation/transition/elimination of a Boundary.
This is traditionally knows as the integration of Generation + Operation + Destruction ("''i-god''").
A well-know formulation of this is //System Theory//; the traditional formulation thereof is //Alchemy//.

Many scientists were/are intuitively aware of the fundamental shortcomings of Material Science.
Some scientists are aware that the notion of 'the outsider observer is wrong and causes planetary destruction.
A few scientists are aware that so-called 'objective reality' refers to linguistic objects ('models') only.
And very few scientists realise that every objective reality is the result of subjective realisation.

>Science of Life ("SoL") complements the Science of dead Matter.
>Science of Life does not compete, but completes, the science of Dead Matter.
>The 2020 SoL Conference is an initiative to explore this potential.
>Also to help clarify how via our body we interact with Matter, and how by our mind we interface with life.

All living beings have (and can operate) Freedom of Choice.
Every living being is not a creature but a Creator in Creation.
'Creation" is therein a //verb// and thereby possibly also a //noun//.
All living beings, in/by living, learn to operate (the consequences of) Freedom of Choice.

The 2020 SoL Conference is a means to explore the implications of that understanding.
Scientists from different disciplines are invited to participate in this meeting.
All are well versed in the method of science, and well aware that we must think beyond that.
All know in their own being that scientific description is meaningless without own experience.

//See also//:
[[Science of Dead Matter]]
[[The Blind Spots of Science]]
[[4-Dimensional Dynamic Logic]]
[[The i-god Principle]]
[[Freedom of Choice]]
[[Creator in Creation]]


The difference between life and that Lies in [[Freedom of Choice]].
[[Freedom of Choice]] operates in the [[Lacunations|Lacunation Organisation]] nations in Matter; these are the places where changes in phase states are possible. These lacunations span from the quantum field through the atoms to the molecules into materials.
[[Body Materials]], specifically, are defined by their ability to changes state of phase (phase state) under influence of electromagnetic information fields.
[[The Psychosomatic Principle]] shows that these electromagnetic fields are at the same time physical (Physiology) and metaphysical (Psychology).
Therein we see that [[Cell Communication]] is at the same time physical, chemical, electromagnetic and exchange of information. All of these are phasical; that is determined by change of state of phase.
In our body we can see that [[Body Materials]] can respond As Piezo-electric, Liquid-crystal, Transistor and Intelligent-gel. These material properties are defined by the changes of the electric dynamic quantum field in the cells of the body.

“[[The Zipper of Manifestation]]” is a term that we can use to describe the relationship between the four phases of matter: the subatomic level, the atomic level, the molecular level and the material level. The relationship between them is defined by the change of state of phase by a quantum change from the quantum level upward: photon-leap:: electron-leap:: electron-oscillation:: electro-bonding.

Thanks to [[Tetryonics]] we can link all these levels of phase states, by discerning the immaterial electromagnetic quantum field from the material responses of Tetryons :: Atoms :: Molecules :: Matter.
This is the change of dynamic of the electromagnetic (quantum) field in interaction with matter, which defines the different levels of material coherence, Tetryons :: Atoms :: Molecules :: Materials.

It is more accurate to state that this is actually a change in coherence of the electromagnetic field in which quantum-change:: electromagnetic-field-change:: electro-flow:: electron-bonding.
Another way to describe this quantum phase state dynamics is by the relationship in terms of phase change; described by wave :: wave-train :: wave-envelope :: soliton.
This means that the change of coherence of phase in the quantum electoral dynamic field is actually the basis for the discernment in the phases of state which we call information :: energy :: time :: space.

Complementary to all changes in Matter, thus Molecules, thus Atoms, is a corresponding change in electron-bonding :: electron-currents :: electromagnetic-transformations :: quantum-field-changes.
Material (physical/chemical/atomic/subatomic) changes can never be regarded without the immaterial (quantum/photon/Tetryon/Electron) field changes which form and move all forms of matter.

This Transmutation between the four phase states of matter is primarily determined by the change of phase in the Quantum Field – at all four levels of quantum/photon/Tetryon/electron coherence.  The link between (quantum field) metaphysics and (particle physics is defined by what we can call the “[[AtoMolecular Physiology]]’”: this addresses the specific coherent and defined transitions of electrons in/between atoms and molecules. Electron-lattices, electron-current, electron-leaps in atoms, and photon-leaps between atoms form one integral integrated process. All forms of materialisation are consequential to this 4D electromagnetic process flow dynamic.
[[AtoMolecules]] are transitional clusters composed of atoms redefined in their coherence as molecules - by the change of electromagnetic bonding within that cluster.

[[Tetryonics]] makes it possible to describe - in exact detail - which electrons are available within atoms and how these electrons can move between atoms in clusters-of-atoms (“Molecules”). [[Tetryonics]] provides three-dimensional maps of the atomic structure in which the position of electrons, within the atom, are exactly specified by the Tetryonic Quantum geometry which gives  the exact same Bohr radius and Schrödinger numbers, as they were measured by laboratory experiments.

[[Tetryonics]] describes these changes of electron states, based on the interaction of the quantum field with matter. At its most fundamental level this is defined by the interactions between Quanta (in the quantum field) with Tetryons (which is the fundamental form of matter). This interaction takes place via electric attraction (un)coupling of Tetryons by the combined effect of two forms of Quantum Flux: 1) linear quantum flux (“KEM”) and 2) rotational quantum flux (“BEM”).

In [[Tetryonics]] the Quantum is represented by an equilateral triangle; this is the ‘trace’ of the zero dimensional Duon electric charge – positive on one side, ‘negative’ on the other.  In its quantum unit displacement (it’s linear momentum), trails a magnetic wake (as defined by the principles of electromagnetic field dynamic). A Quantum (represented by the equilateral triangle) combines with other quanta to form the electoral dynamic (immaterial) quantum field which is two-dimensional and thus immaterial: it is not a form of matter. In this quantum field the single quantum can combine with another quantum (by magnetic coupling at its trailing edge, to form of rhomboid) which forms a photon. (A photon likewise is two-dimensional, and therefore has no rest mass, and is likewise immaterial.) Three quanta can combine to form a W-boson. When four quanta combine this can produce a three-dimensional shape, a tetrahedron, which is the primordial unit of matter. This is the basis of all forms of matter.

The Tetryon is structurally inert, but has a surface charge because it is composed of four quanta which each have a positive charge on the one side and a negative charge on the other side. That means that Tetryons have for possible charge states: 1) four times plus, w) four times minus, 3) two times plus + 2 times minus, 4) two times minus + 2 times plus. (This means that 50% of the tetryons will be electrically total-sum zero and for us ‘impossible’ to detect.)

Tetryons are not only formed from/by the quantum field, but they are also moved by the quantum field, because the quantum field is composed of combination of positive and negative charges, in a very defined two-dimensional spatial geometrical distribution, which thereby can connect with the Tetryons; and move the Tetryons. “The quantum field forms and moves all forms of matter”.

The linear quantum flux along (clusters of) Tetryons is called KEM; the circular quantum flux around or between (clusters of) Tetryons is called BEM. Via the KEM quantum flux atoms/molecules can be s(p)liced; via the BEM quantum flux atoms/molecules can be repositioned. This is how living cells are able to (trans)form molecules.

Via the linear KEM quantum flux the cells can change the state of Tetryonic bonding, which exists in three forms:
1) the strong force (this is formed by direct contact between two quantum Tetryon surfaces of opposite polarity),
2) the week force (this is formed by direct contact between two ribs with opposite charges of quantum tetryons),
3) the derived force (this is formed by contact at the tip of two Tetryons with opposite charges).

Living cells are able to s(p)lice molecules, thus atoms. This means that living cells can able to operate Nuclear Forces of Atoms.

Tetryonics help to understand this in a more profound manner: for cells to be able to s(p)lice atoms, cells must be able to operate KEM and BEM quantum flux in a very precise manner. This, because Tetryons themselves are inert; and clusters of Tetryons (including atoms and molecules)  can only be formed, and moved, by quantum field flux.

Directed linear (KEM) quantum flux and rotational (BEM) quantum flux with the required precision to slice and splice atoms, thence molecules.

This makes clear that theliving  cell can operate the quantum dynamic field with the required great position.
As the cells are able to produce/modify molecules in accordance with the molecular (metabolomic) dynamic outside of the cells, it is evident that the cells do not respond to local material/chemical information, but primarily to non-local electromagnetic radio field quantum field information.

The interwovenness of the physical, chemical, electromagnetic and quantum information field is explicitly seen in [[The Psychosomatic Principle]], where we see that cell communication operates by the physical material molecular structure, the chemical electron valence molecular dynamic, the electromagnetic molecular atomic spectrum, and the radiant quantum field associated with each molecule/atoms/electron/Tetryon.

Note that [[Cell Communication]] (the psychosomatic principle) is the inside out version of the inter-cellular dynamic as it operates prior to cell replication.
Note that [[Cell Replication]] is the four dimensional dynamic, in which the material ‘dissolve’, the molecules ‘evaporate’, atoms ‘ionise’ and, from the quantum level up, mirroring/reflection takes place producing two cells: a Cooper cell pair.

This dynamic of cell replication is a [[Singularity]] event, in which the system boundary is turned inside-out, and by which the part is always connected in/to the whole. As, in our body, all the cell division decisions are linked, the Singularities (the moment of cell replication, in which division = multiplication) are also all interlinked in what we can call the [[System Singularity Stability Set]].

This is the formal formulation of the integral coherence of the living organism, as specified by the changes of state in the singularity, which redefine the state of the organism with/in the universe. Note that, as is seen in the first cell (the zygote), the cell membrane is the interface between the cell on one side and the universe on the other side; this means that the cell is the inverse of the universe.

This is the same fundamental relationship as is seen between the Tetryon and the quantum field. Note that the pineal gland in our brain has the same relationship to the ambient electromagnetic radio light field in the brain (emanating from the forebrain, and the hindbrain) as the cell has to the universe, and the Tetryon to the quantum field.
This defines the essence of life: [[Freedom of Choice]].

[[Freedom of Choice]]
In the pineal gland we have the possibility to selectively respond (or not) to the difference/differential in/between the forebrain and the hindbrain, and thereby choose our involvement with/in our environment.
Note that the forebrain has the information of the body surface, and the hindbrain has the information of the body core.

Thus (1), in the pineal gland we operate a ‘joystick’ to operate a change in involvement with/in our environment.
Thereby (2) we can operate a change of state in the system interface as defined in the hypophysis (which specifies the electromagnetic (neuronal and hormonal) change of state of the interface of the body; the animal response for external (flight/fight) adaptation or the vegetative response for internal (fear/faint) adaptation).

This electromagnetic neuronal/hormonal change of state of the interface (which corresponds with the change at the atomic level in [[The Zipper of Manifestation]]) can lead to (3) a change of state of the organ glands, also known as the chakra system (or the gods of the Olympos), which determine the internal climate (“milieu interne”) (which correspond with the change at the molecular level in the zipper of manifestation). 
This change of the internal climate (which is experienced as a state of belief/conviction) than specifies (4) the activity of the cells therein: faster/slower, larger/smaller, more/less cell activity/growth.

[[The Equation of Health]]
Note that cells always operate by the equilibrium condition, known as the principle of Hermes Tresmegistos, also known as the principle of “as above so below”; which in its complete form must be described as: “above must match below, left must match right, front must match rear, and  thereby inside matches outside”. (“The zygote is the inverse of the universe”.)

This ‘balance condition’ is the core of ‘[[The Equation of Health]]’. This equation is, literally, the preservation of the balance of the system with/in its environment; of which the interface is defined by the [[System Singularity Stability Set]].

Within that equation, [[Health]] is defined as the consistent coherent continuity of the internal processes, in integer integration with/in the environment. 
“Peace is between humans what Health is within humans”.

[[Freedom of Choice]] gives the possibility to change that interfacing interaction (and even ‘go against the prevailing conditions’) to thereby redefine the system definition, the internal system climate, and thereby the overall system response. That is what makes Freedom of Choice the given/essence of life.
Dead Matter has no Freedom of Choice – and the Science of Dead Matter can not be used for living beings. In order to understand Life (defined by Freedom of Choice) we must use the [[Science of Life]].
'Sciencing' is the active process of creating science.
Science is the end-product of the process of Sciencing.
This means that Sciencing is, by definition, pre-Scientific.
Sciencing is //Learning//; the creation of //Knowledge//.
This conference is formally set up to be informal.

The aim is to 'get the [[Presentations]] out of the way' as much as possible,
making it possible to get to know each other and be mutually inspired;
think of the cross-pollination of flowers in the fullness of summer.
Fragrant rich perfumes filling the air.

Everybody is free to contribute as many [[Presentations]] as desired - there are no limitations.
Copyrights always remains with the author.

Everyone is invited to send in a recording (Audio/Video) //beforehand// - 'the earlier, the better' to be posted on the website.
Everybody can then watch, listen to, the presentation of all others at leisure, as often as you like, in your own good time.

If you find it difficult to record your own presentation, let me know and we will set up a Skype Call Recording.
If you wish, you can then use the audio track to accompany a Presenter Slide Show of your own making.

You are invited to make positive stimulating supportive Audio/Video [[Responses]] to Presentations of others.
In this way every presentation can become the centre of a flower of petals to together bring out  the idea(l) better...
2020 [[Conference]], Basel
[[Science of Life]]
//tibetan health care, survival in space//

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[["Health as the Middle Path and the Middle Path to Health"]]
!Live vs Dead
(The crucial Difference)
O#o van Nieuwenhuijze
Independent Research Scientist

The crucial difference between Alive and Dead is: Dead Matter does NOT have the ability to change its own phase state. Living beings do. Tetryonics helps understand the properties of Dead Matter by describing how quantum fields form and move Matter; this includes how linear and circular quantum flux repositions and s(p)lices atoms and molecules. These dynamics operate in cell replication; which includes the transmutation of AtoMolecules. Cell Replication shows how these operate inside-out as Cell Communication in our body; and form the basis of our physiology and psychology. Together they show how Cells operate Quantum/Phase change; this helps understand Freedom of Choice ("the Quintessence of Life").

Dead, Matter, Movement, Tetryonics, Degrees of Freedom, Freedom of Choice, Live, Alive.

Science studied matter to find Molecules made of Atoms (protons + neutrons + electrons) determined by quantum change. Science shifted perspective from "Outsider Observer" to "Event Horizon" to "Quantum Leap" to "Vibration Field". This was described by, respectively, Classical-, then Relativistic-, then Probabilistic- and finally Unified theory. Tetryonics provided the integration between those models by showing that Quantum Change is the universal principle which accounts for the formation, and movement, of all forms of matter. See for the full description.

Tetryonics shows how 2D quanta can form quantum fields; wherein the photon is composed of 2 quanta and the w-boson of 3 quanta. 4 Quanta can together form a tetrahedral Tetryon, which is a structurally inert 3D shape, which is the primordial form of Matter. Tetryons will by definition have 4 surface charges; and are therefore either + or - or 0-sum-charge (50% probability). Quantum fields interact with those surface charges and thereby account for all movement of matter.

Quantum Fields have a defined/definite 2D geometrical organisation. Tetryonic Quanta are represented by equilateral triangles (representing the trace of a moving dual charge, with a linear momentum, trailing a magnetic wake). In this field, two quanta can magnetically couple to form a photon; its rhomboid shape accounts for the changes detected in a sensor by the passing of a photon: first as an electric wave, then as a magnetic wave, then again as an electric wave.

Tetrahedral Tetryons can bind together by their difference in surface charges: "strong force" by binding of + and - surface charge, "weak force" by bonding of + and - rib charges and "derived force" for + and - tip charges. Tetryonics details how thereby all particles of the Subatomic Particle Zoo are formed. (Their important role in nature was ignored in the pre-tetryonic era...)

The 2D Quantum/Photon fields interact with the surface charge of the Tetryons: the linear motion of the ("KEM") quantum field displaces the Tetryon(cluster)s. Circular ("BEM") quantum field motion around/between Tetryon(cluster)s can rotate those Tetryon Clusters. (This is the dynamic by which cells can s(p)lice Atoms/Molecules, in (transforming) the body materials which they produce.)

Atoms are composed of Deuterons: units of proton+=neutron+electron. In Tetryonics, the proton and neutron have identical shape but different charge distributions; the proton and neutron can thereby bond by strong forces on one surface, leaving space for an electron to be magnetically captured, stored, (de)energised and released from that 'niche'.

Deuterons are 'solid state quantum structures', which can be 'stacked' to form "Atoms". From 1 to 120 Deuterons can cluster together on the basis of their surface quantum charges, and thereby form the known Atoms. The positions of the electrons therein corresponds precisely with those defined by the Schrödinger Equations - but can be determined directly, without calculation, from the Tetryonic atomic geometry maps.

>Tetryonics represents the Paradigm Shift which was sought in science:
>"the model is simpler, better, corrects errors and offers better predictions".

Tetryonics makes it possible to model, and understand,
1) the effect of a quantum change in the quantum field,
2) the effect of the change of quantum charge on the polarity of the field,
3) the effect of that quantum field change on the position/movement of Tetryons and Tetryon Clusters in that Field, and
4) the consequential change of any Tetryon cluster(ing) in that field.

Tetryonics redefines the findings of physics 'from the quantum level up', and thereby reverse-engineers, and unifies, the findings of science of the past 2+ centuries. Tetryonics uses a geometry to show what scientists already know, it makes it possible to see that de forces that make and move matter operate in another (2D) dimension than the 3D domain in which we perceive the outcome/result. Tetryonics gives access to understand the underlying 2D domain (geometry) from and by which the 3D physical reality is formed, and maintained.

Tetryonics makes clear that a tetrahedral Tetryon, thus Matter (Tetryon Clusters) is always inert and will not change from within. The 'Energy' in Matter is in fact the combined effect of ('BEM') rotational quantum field flux around/between Tetryon Clusters and ("KEM") linear quantum field flux through/past Tetryon Clusters. The intensity of 'Energy' in/between Tetryon Clusters always depends on the degree of 'Exergy': the depletion/repletion of quantum field flux from/in/to the Tetryon Cluster from the ambient quantum field.

In this view, the 3D reality that we see/know is an 'extrusion' product of the quantum field; which can form and move (inert) Tetryons to form complex structures. These structures are (trans)formed and maintained by the combined Linear ("KEM") and Rotational ("BEM") quantum Flux (movements in/of the 2D Tetryonics Quantum Field). The 2D quantum field itself can thereby not be seen, but only inferred. (It is 'occulted' by the 3D forms that we see).

The 2D Tetryonics Quantum Field, with its Linear KEM and Circular BEM dynamics is the 'unseen mover', which in the past was called Spirit/Pneuma/Prana/Ether (by referring to the difference that we see in the log floating on the river, or the autumn leaf driven by the wind: we see the water but not the wind). Tetryonics makes it possible to 'see' the geometry of the 2d quantum Field (which forms and moves matter) in quantum level detail.

Science has been defined by its history 'in contradistinction to the church'. Op to that time, the Roman church claimed a monopoly on 'the story of creation', with an implied claim on domination of a social order. This was executed by a consistent manipulation of belief - up to a point when those propagated beliefs came into conflict with what people perceived. This became most explicit in the claim that Earth be the centre of the universe. Those who contradicted the dogma were murdered by 'burning them on a stake' to thereby terrorise all who were forced to be present, to continue to comply with the imposed beliefs, 'under fear of death'. The scars of these traumatic memories linger still, in society and science.

After too many 'empiricists' stood up - and also became organised as a group and a profession - a 'new social order' was negotiated, in which the new 'scientists' were 'allowed' to study matter, while 'the church' kept a monopoly on the study (and practice) of 'spirit'.
Scientists started by observing Nature, Matter, while recording and sharing their findings; as letter correspondence, as monographs and journals, and finally as books. Over the centuries science produced many more books than that which is still used  by the church of Rome.

The findings of science were first used to better understand the movements of Matter, which led to new technologies for better use of Matter - unfortunately many of these technologies were perverted for political, 'military', aims - used to oppress and suppress other people (echoing the suppression of society by the inquisition in the previous pre-science era).
Science echoed the pre-science era in another way also: scientists (and others) started to use the findings/writings of science in a manner similar to that how in the church 'the book' had been postulated to be the only source for1 the understanding of reality/realisation. In many cases there appeared a 'dogmatic belief' in science; especially there where insights are 'declared' to be 'unscientific'. This can be considered go be a 'fundamentalist' aspect in science.

This 'fundamentalism', i.e. dogmatism, results when knowledge has become disconnected from experience (In combination, it is called "wisdom"). The transition from unknown to known always operates through/via our body - which will be separately described in and These descriptions make use of the bridging of the (dimensional) difference between the '2D' quantum/spirit and 3D matter - which is the difference between Live and Dead, as will be described below.

Science has gone through a series of stages, transitions in which the initial stance of science was turned into its opposite. Science started by studying matter to find molecules then atoms then quanta. Scientist changed involvement from outsider to responsive to interactive to creator. Science changed from physics to chemistry to electromagnetism to informatics. Table 1 

| 3D | 2D | 1D | 0D |h
| Matter | Molecules | Atoms | Quanta |
| Bound-electrons | Electron-flow | Electron-leap | Quantum-leap |
| Physics | Chemistry | Electromagnetism | Informatics |
| Structure | Process | Transformation | (dis)Integration |
| Space | Time | Energy | Phase |
| 'Earth' | 'Water' | "Air' | 'Fire' |
| Outsider | Reactor | Interactor | Insider |
| Classical | Relativity | Probability | Unified |
| Body | Mind | Soul | Spirit |
| Tetryon | BEM | KEM | Quantum |

The development of Science is an ongoing process, in which the involvement of the scientists has persistently been ignored by these same scientists; they focused on what they see, instead of on their seeing. Science is not about what we see, but about how we see. Science has developed over the ages, and from one century to the next the models of science, the equations of science, and the 'natural laws' changed; again and again. With presently three different models which could not be integrated by/as unified theory, due to a lack of (understanding of) a Theory of Scale, by which the scales of description are connected.

Tetryonics changed that; by taking the end-conclusion of science ('the quantum') as its starting point it was able to 'reverse-engineer' science and let science 'fall in place' from the quantum level up. Tetryonics describes the power, and simplicit8y, of that approach - and shows how it thereby both integrates and simplifies the understanding of science. This has two aspects: 1) t;he effects of quantum change on Matter, and 2) the effect of quantum change on the quantum field. Evidently the one affects the other and vice versa. Our body, and life, is based on the calibration of that interaction - with the capability to interact with that interaction itself. That is where Quantum Mechanics turns into  the Science of life by realising that Freedom of Choice makes use of quantum change by intent.

Science started by observing Nature, in order do understand the properties of materials. Materials were regarded as inert and invariant - any change to the materials were sen to be the result of changes in conditions 'from outside'. (A 'slavery-model') That is where the scientists positioned themselves; as 'outsiders' 'observers'; ('playing god'/'slavemaster') and thereby pretending that what they did was inconsequential - resulting in the current devastation of the planet and extinction of species.
A change in perspective occurred when Einstein formulated a mathematical model for molecular motion. which redefined the understanding of matter from that of deterministic inert structure to that of relativistic process - but it also limited the scientific model to a defined definite edge: the event horizon (presented in the form of the Barrier of Light; which is an equivalent of the Barrier of Sound (or any other critical boundary in nature).
At the same time another change in perspective was created by the definition of the quantum by Planck. It addressed an (indirectly) observed at the atomic level; accounting for a change in electron orbit from one level to another. At that time atoms were hypothesised to be 'miniature planetary systems with electrons (as is planets) orbiting around a nucleus (as if the sun). deBroglie described that such orbits were related to each other as a harmonic sequence. That made a 'change if orbit' equivalent to a 'change of wavelength'; in any case: a change of phase.
The notion of change of phase, or change of wavelength/frequency, led to the realisation that atomic change must somehow originate from a change in 'vibration'. This led to a set of mathematical models about the pure organisation of vibrations; known as vibration theory, (super) string theory or in its general term: "Field Theory". This was a re-take of the theory of wave mechanics which was reformulated as the Euler differential Equations, and the Fourier analysis/transform, which had already been so successful in science and engineering.

Classical science is called materialistic, mechanistic, reductionistic, deterministic, because that is what it is. Scientists were not allowed to study spirit (yet that is what they found; see the next section). Science, from the onset, was unable to study (nor understand) 'spirit'; nor, or that matter, Matter. Everything still had to be invented: a philosophy, a mins-set, a tool-set, and  language for notation of the findings.
During the 200+ years since science was 'invented'(as a social endeavour) its focus has always been on the study of matter. So much so, that in the Copenhagen Convention the realisation  was discarded that all forms of matter result from coherence in forms of vibration; and that instead an 'agreement' was made by which was a step back: although it was realised that the whole universe is composed of/from electromagnetic vibrations (a Field), at the atomic level, it was (to be) described as (if) particular. This was the particular particle model of physics.
A more important step back was the following: it was realised that at the atomic level the human too is an electromagnetic field, in interaction with the whole universe (an electromagnetic field) via a field-interaction (an electromagnetic field). This aspect was 'simply ignored'.
For medicine this was a profound setback; this convention determined that the human was to be regarded as (if) a machine; perhaps as a chemical reaction; ignoring that the essence of the human, and the universe, is an interactive electromagnetic field. Which, at its deeper level, is orchestrated by changes of coherence of phase.

Scientists have throughout the ages ridiculed alchemists,who already described that the universe is defined by changes of state pf phase. Even Isaac Newton was to be known only as physicist, not as alchemist. It is only recently that the alchemical research of Newton is (hesitantly) being explored. Yet 'alchemy' is what science discovered: solid/earth/structure/matter is 'fluid'/water/process/molecular which is gaseous/Air/ionic/Atomic which is plasma/fire/phase/vibrational. As the alchemists described: the link between these four elements (phases of matter; states of phase) is the Quintessence; which we nowadays call the Quantum.

The descriptions of science of matter have consistently/insistently focused on the changes of matter, without much regard for its complement: the 'quintessential' pattern of flow of quantum change, and the corresponding change in electron flow, through(out) all levels of materialisation/manifestation. From this perspective the study of manifestation (as described by alchemy and magic) must be understood in a literal manner: it is the description of all stages of phase organisation from the subatomic through the atomic and molecular to the material level.

Materialisation is the full process, through all for levels of manifestation, into a form fitting the conditions of the environment. The material changes are, always, to be understood (and described) as consequential to the changes in electron bonding due to changes in molecular electron flow due changes in atomic electron leaps due to changes in the photon leaps - in the quantum field. this corresponds with the principle "__The Zipper of Manifestation__": 
>''photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electron-flow <=> electron-bonding''.

The mechanistic materialistic model is incomplete without regarding the corresponding complementary change of state of phase from the quantum level up. This is what now can be described by Tetryonics, in all detail. without such completion of the description/understanding, science can describe no more than the 'immaterial' (meaningless) material changes.
(The flow of quanta/photons/tetryons/electrons can be modelled - throughout the 4 levels of manifestation (Quantum Field, Atoms, Molecules, Matter) as a flow which can be modelled using radio circuit diagrams as used in designing computers.  Our body is to be regarded as a 4D 'motherboard' which operates in this manner.)

The "Science of dead matter" refers to the traditional view of science that the world is material, verifiable, and that processes/experiments in nature are repeatable and predictable. This belies the given that the idea(l)s of the scientists are not material, unpredictable, unverifiable, immeasurable and intangible.
The "Science of Dead Matter" operates by the principles of a Closed System, determined by state-invariance (inertia) defined by the formulation of action=-reaction, i.e. action+reaction=0.
The science of dead matter (Phi=0) pertains to a state of hell (closed system) and is unsuitable for the study of life (Phi=1).

Life is defined by the capacity to operate freedom of choice. It is the one-and-only trait that distinguishes living beings from dead matter. Freedom of Choice is separately described in the website.
In brief:
1) the pineal gland operates like a sensor in the light field of the brain - a quantum radio information field. this is the pivot for operating choice in positioning own involvement between the body surface and the body core.
2) This is relayed to the hypophysis, where it is turned into a decision - which in effect polarises the interface; specifying a change in involvement ranging between the polarities of adapt/adopt - and an ensuing selection between flight/fight/fear/faint (human/animal/vegetative/cellular response).
3) This results in a shift in internal state - the internal climate (which are the equivalent of the four seasons/elements, and are traditionally known as the 4 humours. They are described as changing state between hot/cold and wet/dry - which are differences in energy level and degrees of organisational density. 
4) The result is a change of state of activation of the body cells, with faster/slower, larger/smaller, more/less intelligence/communication/activity/growth.

Freedom of Choice is based on the activation of quantum change from the quantum level upward - as described by Tetryonics. This involves a quantum change, which changes the interface, and thereby the interaction with/in the environment - and thus establishes a different relationship with/in the universe. this redefines your participation in creation; as a creator in creation.

The activation of freedom of choice operates at all levels of the system interface, in the complex called the system stability singularity set (SSSS) - which operates at pivotal positions in the body described as the Lacunations in the system.
(These principles are separately described in
Also separately described is the principle by which living cells can s(p)lice atoms, thus molecules, in producing/positioning body materials for the optimisation of cell communication; by the coordinated use of KEM  and BEM quantum flux.

Thanks to Tetryonics the Science of Life is rather easy to describe; everything that applies to the description of dead matter also applies to the science of life. Science of dead matter does not look at the quantum connectedness between all things and beings. Although Tetryonics makes it possible to describe the principles, dynamics and logic in detail, it can never predict what choices will be made - that is the essence of freedom of choice.

Being alive is by definition a learning to operate Freedom of Choice, by trial and error. in using freedom of choice we by definition face the unknown - thus will lack knowledge to be able to choose. Paradoxically, true freedom to choose only exists in a state of hell - a closed system without outside influences influencing the choice. In making a choice we always use our mind in our body, thus will operate our memories of events, our body memories, primordial organic memories and cell memories. note that new life experiences create memories, not the other way around.
Note also that in operating freedom of choice we act as individual in relationship in groups in humanity. every choice you make affects/afflicts all of humanity and the whole planet; and all living brings.

!Furthe Reading
[[AtoMolecular Physiology]]
[[The PsychoSomatic Principle]]
This text describes a personal quest for the discovery of the Science of Life. It started in Engineering School, with the realisation that we must "bring science back to life". Later, in Medical School, there was the realisation that we must "Heal Healthcare". In-between there was the realisation that all world cultures has already assessed, and addresses, the problems regarded by science. The conclusion, that we must 'invert' the findings of science and discover 'how they apply to ourselves' was made possible by Tetryonics. We can thereby see how the "Science of Dead Matter" can be understood in its complementary sense as the "Science of Life".

Science,Scientist, Object, Subject, Dead, Live, Matter, Information in Formation.

The following is a prsonal story, chrinicling my

Health is based on the continuation of the integration of a being within its proper environment. This integration takes place in the system interface; at all levels. It requires a preservation of dynamic balance in/of the System Boundary - which operates simultaneously as a Separator AND a Connector - to ensure that the local system continues to function as integral part of the uniVerse (and therein exists a a Part even when seemingly apart). Therein the system and its boundary (at al levels of system organisation) operates as a Singularity`, which performs a function equivalentto the equation sign in mathematics which must simultaneously satisfy the condition Phi=o (Closed System) and Phi=1 (Open System).

Health, System, Integrity, Integration, Balance, Equation.

The Quantum  Change is considered to be the fundamental unit of change in the uniVerse. It is in essence a change of polarity; and/or a change of phase. The creation/elimination of a change of phase is equivalent to the creation, or transition, of a Boundary. This makes the capacity to create/eliminate a boundary the most fundamental universal principle of creation. The integration o the principles of generation/oper6iation/destruction of a boundary we can call 'the i-g.o.d. principle'; as acronym for this universal principle pf creation.




The Quintessence of Alchemy we now call the Quantum which is the pivot for change of state of phase of  Matter, which in our body we operate as Freedom of Choice which is the Essence of Life.

Quintessence, Quantum, Freedom of Choice, Radio Diagrams, System Theory, Alchemy.

[[Freedom of Choice]] is the Quintessence of life. Literally: it is the crucial factor which determines the state of phase; not only in Reality but in all of creation. The findings of Alchemy can now be described by System Theory, Cybernetics and Radio Diagrams. In our body we see best how this works. This makes the understanding of alchemy of (literally) vital importance.

"The Zipper of Manifestation" describe the stages of change of phase of Matter - actually, the creation of Matter. The conventional notation for "The Zipper of Manifestation" was as follows:
> ''photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electron-oscillation <=> electron-bonding''
The implications of this formulation are presented in Table 1, below
| 0D | 1D | 2D | 3D |h
| photon-leap | electron-leap | electron-oscillation | electron-bonding |
| Subatomic | Atoms | Molecules | Matter |
| Phasics | Electromagnetism | Chemistry | Physics |
| Quantum Change | Transformation | Process | Structure |
| phase change | electric <=> magnetic | electron flow | electron lattice |
| Information | Energy | Time | Space |
| phase change | shock wave | traveling wave | standing wave |
| wave | wave train | wave envelope | soliton |
By the formulation of Tetryonics this can now be understood and described at a deeper level.
Tetryonics makes it possible to describe the phase dynamics of the quantum field.
This is represented by the quemetry of a duon charge in motion in a field.
A [0D] Duon Charge in motion traces a [1D] Linear Momentum and trails an orthonormal [1D] magnetic dipole.

Alchemy provided a fundamental insight in the relationship of change of state of phase of matter. Especially in biology, this is a crucial insight. Crucial is the realisation that biology operates by internal phase change (e.g. 'internal combustion/information') whereas machines operate by external control/energy.




For the 1st Science of Life Conference in Basel (1&2 Aug 2020) I envision the following:

There will be 4 ‘tracks’ of participation:
| 1|''Present'' |pre-meeting contributions & present in ''Basel'' |
| 2|''Present while Absent'' |pre-meeting contributions & present via Skype-Conference |
| 3|''Absent while Present'' |pre-meeting contributions |
| 4|''Absent'' |informed onlooker) |
(Ad (2): If you wish I could help record what you wish to present via Skype.)
* describes the ideas for making this a wonderful meeting.
All Participants are asked to send in a written- and audio/video Presentation of their ideals (long) beforehand.
All can contribute as many presentations as they like; [[Copyright]]s remain with the author.
Per presentation a 15 minute video recording, or 30 minute audio recording, or both, are welcome; also to be sent in beforehand (date yet to be specified).
All are invited to read/hear/see the presentations of the others, and respond to each presentation “Festschrift Style”: building up on those idea(l)s with supportive contributions.
Together, his produces ‘the body of knowledge for the conference’.
* contains the contribution & ‘festschrift texts’.

Having done the presentations and reflections //beforehand//, this leaves the participants free to (with each other) explore the next level of understanding: how to incorporate the idea(l) of the other in their own understanding.
This can be done in the meeting in the Space, making use of the [[A0-poster]] presentations: everybody presents their posters, and the others ‘vote’ if they’d like to 
# have a ''one-to-one walk-&-talk-in-the-park'',
# ''small-group-tea-table-meeting'',
# ''plenary-lecture'' or
# ''panel-discussion''.
As the number of participants will be limited, this is easily self-organised.
Bring your mobile phone to your meetings, then others can listen-&-learn later.

My role in the meetings in the weekend is limited to 
1) a 5 minute warm-word-of-welcome at the start, 
2) a 5-minute ‘what next’ farewell at the end, 
3) making sure the Skype-Conference-Link works, and 
4) making sure that the artists and scientists, philosophers and pragmatists/healers who are present all can enjoy each other and the beautiful environment.

Over the years I have met many good ‘solid’ scientists and researchers who are very aware that dead matter science leaves out the most important aspects of life; which I now describe as the principle of [[Freedom of Choice]].
Thanks to their work – yours included – I could see how we can ‘connect the dots’ and together show what alone we cannot see. “In the gaps of reality, of the body materials, we operate our realisation, using [[Freedom of Choice]]”.

This meeting is meant to make it possible to connect up and look beyond what we see; and ‘make sense’ of what we intuitively know yet cannot yet describe.
Thence the presence of artists: to ‘show where words cannot go’.
Thence the meeting in Nature – where we can be connected to our nature while we explore our knowledge beyond our understanding – that yet co-defines us.

This conference will be unusual because the focus is on ''Live Life''.
‘How is it different from the Science of Dead Matter, and how can we work with that difference?’.

:My contribution will focus on 1) the essence of life Freedom of Choice), 2) how Freedom of Choice operates in our body, 3) how we can understand how all levels are linked using System Theory, and 4) why we can never describe the process of life but only its outcome.

:I will also briefly address the corollary: we live in 3D, but paper (law) reduces that to a 2D description, while money (transaction) reduces that to a 1D notation, leaving 0D vote crippled.
With a side-line-comment: how the science of Dead Matter has misrepresented the relationship between these 4 dimensions, leading to irresponsible science, incessant wars and planetary pollution. (This will be noted but not addressed, because Science of Life can resolve those problems.)

[[Kelvin Abraham]] will present Tetryonics (, the Quantum Field Geometry, which is used to ‘show’ how living cells are able to operate Freedom of Choice.
Others will address aspects of the interface between [[Dead Matter Science|Science of Dead Matter]] and the [[Science of Life]]. The ‘normal-para’ radio-field information-communication between cells/beings will also be addressed.

!Your work
I think that a contribution from you would be very (!) helpful.
It gives you a direct presence in the thoughts that this meeting develops.

Like pieces of a puzzle, out approaches and findings complement each other.
:‘Kelvin Abraham’s’ Quantum Geometry, 'Rupert Sheldrake's' "Morphogenetic Field, 'Peter Marcer's' Hologram Models, Roel van Wijk's'Bio-photon fields, "‘Konstantin Meyl’s’ Tesla Field, ‘O#o's’ Atomolecular Cascade, ‘Peter Rowland’s’ Zero-Potential, “Vanessa Hill’s Bio-geometry, and so on are all aspects of the same.
:It is a matter of putting the pieces of the puzzle together.
That is also why I like that we can meet in this Open Space; so our minds can open and our idea(l)s can hover around us like flowers cross-pollinating in the breeze/spirit of good feeling.

If you would like to contribute some of your idea(l)s for this meeting; please do so.
(As I wrote: all copyrights remain with t he author.)
If you would like to contribute audio/video material, or do an interviews via Skype, please let me know?
This conference operates by the Multiplier Effect; you get back a [[multiple|Festschrifts]] of what you contribute.

You will have access to the developments and presentations of this meetings via the URL’s:

Feel well

All conference participants are asked to share their contact details wich each other.
They can thereby see who lives in their region, and can op to travel together.
For intercontinental travel: please remember to book early to get better prices.
For travelers from the same country: please try to use car pooling.
!Twitter: #ScienceofLife

Compliments of [[John Wood]]!
//Thanks John//!
All presentations of the conference will be video-recorded.
All Skype relays of the conference will also be recorded.
Participants who are [[Present while Absent]] are asked to make personal Skype recordings.
(Mac users can find Ecamm Callrecorder, Windows users can find Evaer to be good solutions).
@@(''Download this document (right-click; save-as) to store this complete file on your computer for off-line reading''.)@@

''Welcome to this web page with information on the 2020 Conference "Science of Life".''
It is to be held [[1&2 August 2020|Date]] in [[Basel|Location]], in Switzerland.
:This meeting will be open to explore the [[Science of Life]], also as a form of Art.
:The gathering will be multidisciplinary and informal, to be more effective.
::Focus will be on a 'cross pollination', as seen between flowers in full bloom.
::Everybody 'will have their moment' to present their own idea(l)s.
The [[Presentations]] will be shared //prior// to the meeting itself.
[[Response to the Presentations|Festschrifts]] too is //prior// to the meeting.
>This means that than 'normal' conference Presentations are done //before// the meeting itself.
>This makes it possible to have much deeper and better exchange of idea(l)s  during the meeting.

In follow-up on those self-presentations, various kind of interactions are available on-site.
the [[A0-poster]] presentations will be used to optimise the on-site meetings themselves..
# ''one-one-one walk-in-the-park'' for direct exchange of idea(l)s.
# ''small 'tea-table talks''' to explore different perspectives.
# ''brief lecture format presentations'' for the sharing of understanding.
# ''plenary panel discussions'', for exploring mutual stimulation/support.

The meeting will be opened, and closed, with a brief [[Plenary Panel]].
This has a simple aim for mutual introduction/farewells, and proposing a theme for the meeting/follow-up.
* [[Invitation]] (Personal Meeting)
* [[Location]] (Switzerland, [[Basel]])
* [[Date]] (1&2 Aug 2020)
* [[Costs]] (shared)

>[[Present while Absent]]